Spreading the independent aroma at Dhaba Estd 1986.

Dhaba Estd 1986 Delhi is a foodie’s paradise that brings forth specialities from different parts of India and spreads the country’s culinary richness. So, how about indulging in a full-course Indian meal this Independence Week?
The Independence Week menu celebrates unique cooking styles and use of local ingredients from regional specialties; from the rich Punjabi tangdis to the delicious shudh-shakahari Rajasthani dishes like Papad ki Sabzi and Gatta Curry (Laal Maas lovers, fear not); from the sweet tasting Gujarati daal to irresistible Kashmiri preparations of Dum Aloo and Mutton Rogan Josh or the spicy new Chinjabi recipes like Tandoori Chicken Momos or Manchurians with a Punju twist; not forgetting our eastern friends, who are unapologetic about the love for fish and dish out some finger-licking good recipes!
Where – Dhaba Estd 1986 Delhi, 2nd Floor, The Pavillion, S.B Road, Pune
When – August 13 – 17
Price – INR 549 onwards

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