Why work when you can Work X Play?

Are you a freelancer? Bored of working from home? Looking for a co-working environment which is fun and quirky? Viman Nagar Social brings to you the unique opportunity to create, connect and collaborate with like-minded people in an environment which helps work meet play by taking the work out of work.

Workspace at Social (2)

Viman Nagar Social offers the good (and necessary) bits of an office without the trappings of mind-numbing boredom. The cafe comes as a warm hug to a new and emerging breed of freelancers. It provides a collaborative workspace and a hub for artists, designers, and innovators. It’s where entrepreneurs meet photographers, writers meet web developers, and creative independents meet to bounce ideas off like-minded peers. To put it simply, you can work and network, offline.

Workspace at Social (3)

Drop in for a workspace trial and try out the perks of being a #SocialWorker for a day.

Date: 13th & 14th August, Monday & Tuesday

Time: 11 am – 6 pm

Venue: Viman Nagar Social, 3rd Floor, Phoenix Marketcity

Entry: Free

Contact: +91 7045904731

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