Experience an authentic Italian Bar-B-Q Fest at Sorriso, Marriott Suites


Sorriso is all set to replicate the traditional Italian Artisanal Meat Market concept from August 20th-30th. We all know Italians take their food very seriously and have been using a variety of meats in their cuisine since the 4th century BC. Their famous cuts and tenderloins have now become popular all over the world.

We have the young & dynamic Chef Jacopo at Sorriso ready to present to you the best meats cooked in a traditional barbeque style. Each of his creations is paired with a delicious hand crafted cocktail.

The experience will be extremely authentic as guests will begin their meal by choosing a delicious bespoke cocktail. Some of the cocktails offered are Angelo Azuro, Sangria pitchers, Sweet Negroni,  Basil & Sour Lime Margarita and Pimm’s Lemonade Pitcher. Guests can then choose from a variety of artisan meats like Pancetta, Porchetta, lamb shanks and chops which will be grilled to perfection using traditional marinades.

So head to Sorriso for a traditional Bar-B-Q Fest!

WhereSorriso, Marriott Suites Pune

When: 20th – 30thAugust 2018, 6:30pm onwards

Price: INR 2500 approx ( for two )

Contact:020 26747474 | +91 9158990657


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