Gymkhana Diaries at 212 All Day Cafe & Bar.

Celebrating India’s over a century old ‘club culture’, 212 All Day at Phoenix MarketCity in Pune presents the ‘Gymkhana Diaries’, an exclusive limited time menu which celebrates some of the most iconic dishes from our country’s historic clubs.

Featuring delicacies from the Gymkhanas (Delhi, Bombay, Madras and Wellington), Tollygunge Club, Royal Calcutta Golf Club and the Bombay Presidency Radio Club, this menu not only recreates these legendary dishes, but also offers the pocket-friendly prices, both on food and fine spirits, members at these clubs enjoy.

The term ‘gymkhana’ is an anglicised evolution of the term ‘jamat khana’ which translates to a place of assembly. Originally, gentlemen’s clubs during the British Raj, they became synonymous with the lifestyle of the rich and the famous post-independence.

Highbrow even today, these members only clubs offer a selection of ‘club grub’ that are tantamount with them and are rarely found outside their premises.

Highlights of the Gymkhana Diaries at 212 All Day include:

  • Bombay Gym Batata ‘Especial’ (From the streets to Bombay Gym) at Rs. 185/-

Typical Mumbai style masala sandwich layered with special spices and served in an open-faced style sandwich

  • Makhani meet Pav (Inspired from Delhi Gym) at Rs. 245/-

Typical Delhi style Paneer Makhani served in a Pav

Makhani meet Pav

  • Ramdin’s Veg special (Ramdin made this special at Tollygunge Club) at Rs. 215/-

Rajama ki Gilawat served in pita, anglicised vegetarian finesse, created by Ramdin.

  • Chuuk Chuuk ‘Cutlets’ at Rs. 195/-

Railways contribution to the culinary landscape of the Gymkhana snacks across India, the famous mix veg cutlet

ChuukChuuk “Cutles”

  • Mrs. Brown’s Au Gratin (Inspired from Wellington Gymkhana) at Rs. 265/-

Mrs. Brown’s vegetable au gratin, with a slice of garlic bread, made famous at the Gymakhanas across the country, and made for typical household fare, even today

Mrs. Brown_s AuGratin

  • Gora Sahibs Mutton Pate Kebobs (Inspired by Delhi Gymkhana) Rs. 325/-

Anglicised mutton gilawat served in pita, with succulent flavours, reminiscent of the Oudh.

  • Deekra Ando Bhurji (Inspired by Bombay Gymkhana) Rs. 175/-

The Parsi Akuri, served in our style. Simple, tasty, traditional. Period!

Deekra Ando Bhurji

  • Mr. Eggs Kejriwal (Inspired by Bombay Presidency Radio Club) at Rs. 175/-

Made famous by a certain Mr. Kejriwal of Mumbai and not the one in New Delhi, a dish first created at Bombay Presidency Radio Club.

Mr. Eggs Kejriwal

  • Chooza – Minced & Spiced (inspired by Madras Gymkhana) Rs. 315/-

Anglicised chicken keema, created by Hawaldar Rahim Shiekh, delicate & sinful.

Chooza - Minced _ Spiced

  • Croquettes Macha (inspired Royal Calcutta Golf club) Rs. 465/-

Mackerel croquettes with delicate balance of the east and west. The only way the B&B (British & Bengalis) could have fused it together.

Croquettes Macha

What’s more, if diners are opting for the Gymkhana Diaries menu, they enjoy the following selection of spirits at special rates:

  • Old Monk at Rs. 55/-
  • House Pouring Vodka at Rs. 65/-
  • House Pouring Gin at Rs. 55/-
  • House Pouring Whiskey at Rs. 75/-
  • Pouring Draught Beer at 99/-
  • Mixers (soda, tonic & ginger ale) at Rs. 25/-

Where: 212 All Day Café & Bar, Upper Ground Floor, Phoenix Marketcity, Viman Nagar 

Date: August 10 to September 9, 2018

Time: 11.30 am to 11.30 pm

For reservations +91 20 3095 0689 / 6689 0689

About 212 All Day: Taking its name from New York’s iconic area code 212, this All-day Cafe & Bar makes for a trendy dining destination for every occasion. Our menu includes comforting small plates, home-styled flatbreads, handmade desserts and signature cocktails. It makes for a perfect place to enjoy a little al fresco tipple, a decadent brunch, afternoon coffee and cake, or a place to unwind after a long day of shopping with beer and pizza.

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