Kilometer Zero – Tasting at Sen5es, Marriott Suites Pune.

Marriott Suites Pune always strives to bring unique dining experiences to its patrons and this time is no different as the hotel presents an all new organic vegetarian menu at Sorriso. In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint by not importing the produce, the hotel will be sourcing ingredients from the local farmers around Pune, mutually collaborating to create a wholesome guilt-free menu.

From Team PuneNightlife, the tasting was attended by Shivangi Mandody, a pure vegetarian herself who came back praising the innovation of the assorted platter especially the delicious and healthy buckwheat pizzas.

This organic and vegetarian menu curated by Chef Jacopo Avigo included dishes like Root Salad, Chill Beet Soup, Barley Soup, Black Pearls (Buckwheat gnocchi, on a potatoes volute base, organic green onions and roasted seasonal mushrooms) and Cavolo Penne (Whole wheat penne aglio olio e pepperoncino with bio crunchy broccoli on an organic cauliflower cream base).