LAUNCH – CIRKUS, in a Mad Hatter Theme Party!

Cirkus, a trendy new spot launched in Kalyani Nagar on Thursday, 11th October with a “Mad Hatters Party”.

Guests shed their weekday blues with quirky hats, great music, face painting and the vibrant interiors and eclectic vibe!

An all day space, this launch was preceded by smaller soft launches which showcased the lunch, brunch and tea time aspects of the space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kool aid drinks, sushi, dumplings, flavored popcorn, loaded puffs, burritos and quesadillas were some of the dishes from the menu that were showcased.

Kunal Mhaske and Minoti Makim played hosts to their friends and some of Pune’s most fashionable partygoers like Smita and Arjun Kulkarni, Dimple and Alnesh Somji, Shailesh Ranka, Prerna and Dasmesh Kalra, Chahat Dalal, Aarya and Kunal Singh. Friends and guests raised many toasts to this entertaining and interesting new space.

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