Indulge in the Cheese Festival at 1441 Pizzeria all month. 

Who doesn’t love cheese? Mozzarella and Cheddar have been our taste bud’s favorites since the cheese craze took over. All of us have a whole lot of different types of cheeses waiting to be discovered and devoured.

Gouda Cheese Pizza

Changing the way people eat pizzas, 1441 Pizzeria makes these delicious treats in the good old Italian way. Inspired by the coordinates of Naples, 1441 Pizzeria stands true to its name by delivering the authentic taste. Loaded with unlimited toppings and perfected in the wood-fired oven, these pizzas simply take the slice with a special curation of cheese to top your Pizzas along with the cheesiest Salads and Starters to accompany.

Stracciatella Pizza

Let Master Chef Renato Viola take you on a quick escapade to Italy and back with his hand stretched base, imported ingredients and simply the best taste! His highly acclaimed talents he modernizes this classic; combining both traditional pizza making methods with new broad flavors. His vast knowledge of pizza ovens is impeccable from the authentic wood fire to the all-electric oven.

Goat Cheese Pizza

For a city of foodies and with gourmands always on a lookout to taste something different, 1441 Pizzeria brings to Pune a festival where you can relish different types of cheese in Appetizers, Pizzas and Salads is what The Cheese Festival is all about.

Buratta Pizza

Running from 1st to 30th November we are all set to treat you to time full of indulgence with options like Mac n Cheese Pizza, Buratta Pizza, Stracciatella Pizza, Gouda Cheese Pizza, Goat Cheese Salad, Aranchini, Cheese Burst Calzones and so much more for a cheesy three course.

When: 1st to 30th November
Where: 1441 Pizzeria – Seasons Mall and Koregaon Park outlet
Time: Serving All Day

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