Pune get it’s first Chhatt- a concept by Social

 “When we found this place, we tried to work around it, instead of breaking it down or creating any more obstructions.” says Riyaaz Amlani, CEO of Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality.

Dappled in sunlight, tinted by the colors of the foliage spilling over from every corner, the all-new ‘Social Garden’ taps into the human desire to be outdoors and free, fulfilling it by creating a world of verdant spaces and childhood frolic. The gabion stone wall, with rustic exteriors, the old world style living room furniture, high ceilings, glass doors, and library units containing gardening tools, is an ode to life before technology.

Pune definitely has a soft corner for terraces and one which allows you to be seated this comfortably is definitely a winner! This humongous area can accommodate 90 people at Chhatt and 140 people inside Social, the  green lounge area. Next time you’re in the smoking area, do keep an eye for they #GrowYourOwn vegetables like tomatoes, chilli and mustard in their lovely gardens.


Chhatt : A sprawling terrace space that radiates comfort and ease, is extremely windy and we expect it to be pleasant all round year. With unique seating like rope swings, it automatically evokes memories of cold nights wrapped in cozy warm clothing, spent huddled around the plates of steaming food, by the fire and with some loved ones.


In Riyaaz’s words,”When humans vacate, nature occupies the space” and that is precisely the idea behind the sky merging into green columns that flow gently into the floor, set off by a rustic stone bar, and providing a sense of grandeur that puts nature’s majesty into perspective. “

Our tasting session began with a brief introduction with the chef, who asked us our preferences in food, to which our reply was :
“Bring us your best! We’re good with everything”

So we began with one of the top favorite at Social – Chicken Baida Roti, and two North Indian specials from Chhatt – the Puraani Dilli Chat platter which consisted of ख़ुद ख़ुशी पानी पुरी (DIY Golgappa Plate), the delicious Papdi Chat, some awesome Dahi Bhalla and the अंग्रेज़ी टिक्की चाट और जापानी रायता (Hash Brown Chaat with Wasabi Raita).

Moving onto the cocktails, one simply can’t miss out on Social’s legendary L.L.I.I.Ts that are served in these long quirky cylindrical glasses of 500 ml in size. What caught our attention was that their “Longest Long Island Iced Teas” will now be served for the very first time ON TAP at this outlet! The three versions of they offer are :

  1. Electric : Blue Curacao and Redbull which we absolutely loved!
  2. Toxic : Apple and Cranberry Juice which we found to be on the sweeter side.
  3. Classic : With Cola, its as potent as it gets.

Next, we were suggested Chhatt’s infamous Goti Soda cocktails which boasts of some really interesting mixes like the Jal Jeera with Tequila, Kala Khatta with Ketel One Vodka & Kala Khatta with Teacher’s Whiskey. A few sips of these pocket rockets are good enough to take you off to the stars.

If you’re looking for a slightly different take on starters, you might want to try out the Puneri special Thecha Chicken served on a portable grill, along with a sweetish green apple & mint chutney, some fresh onions and some tangy Guava & Tamarind Chutney.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the Chooza 69, Social’s attempt to remake the local Chinese style Chicken Lollipops with a finger-licking good secret sauce is absolutely a must try!

Moving onto the Main Course, the Mind blowing Mutton aka Fantastic Ghost were served along with Mint Tina Naan’s (named after a colleague in the Impresario team) and Red Chili Triangle Paratha, to which my mouth still waters as I write this, because it was remarkably succulent, juicy and delicious.


But undeniably, the show stopper for the day was the Mushroom Paella Pulao, which we completely wiped off the serving bowl till the last grain. As the truffle sauce was a perfect blend of less ingredients, high on taste, and overall simplicity at its best.


After this, we had to take a 10 minute break, to go around explore the property i.e the entire floor, we also checked out the eccentric green neon lit washrooms with Rooster & Cat images on the door which obviously stood for Male & Female, go figure!

Last but definitely not least, from the Chhatt menu, we had the original Indian sundae : Izzat ka Falooda filled with plenty of fruits, dry fruits, nuts and often icecream topping.

And one from the Social menu, the delish dessert Chocolate Chutzpah, that was served with warm chocolate sauce poured over, the chocolate cake,  and choco-bar ice-cream.

All in all, we had a great experience at this new rooftop especially with the truly unique bar menu that draws inspiration from all that we have loved since our childhood, and continue to adore. 

We’re sure Punekars will love this newest hangout and – the grass is definitely greener at FC Road Social!

Where: Cello Platina 1st Floor, FC Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. 

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