New Place Alert : Abyssinian, Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine and culture speak of camaraderie, laughter, shared plates and a melange of unique flavours and spices, Pune will get a taste of this at Abyssinian, a newly opened Ethiopian restaurant. Abyssinian is a creation of Pricol Gourmet, the parent company behind speciality dining brands such as Savya Rasa, Soy Soi, Bharat Bistro and Double Roti. It  was the first exclusive Ethiopian restaurant in India when it was inaugurated in  2016 at Chennai by His Excellency, Asfaw Dingamo Kame – Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to India. It is now all set to open in Pune.


Abyssinian is the culmination of a yearlong culinary journey, with extensive travels through households, art research and living the Ethiopian culture in the truest sense with some very special local guides. Created especially to take guests through an epicurean journey of Ethiopia.


Located in the same location as the award winning restaurant Savya Rasa, Abyssinian aims to take you to Ethiopia not only through its flavours, but also with some of the culture this African country has to offer.


Pricol Gourmet as a company is known for its authenticity and extensive research. The same is strongly visible in the details, décor, and ambiance which are re-created using original artefacts, typical Ethiopian table ware and furniture accents that have been imported from Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Coffee

Abyssinian draws inspiration from the rich trade and cultural ties that India shared with the Ethiopians centuries ago. Much care has gone into curating the menu of this amazingly complex and culturally significant cuisine. The menu features unique dining experiences where guest can choose from 3 unlimited tasting platters that showcase the rich history and culture of Ethiopia. The restaurant will serve the iconic Ethopian bread Injera, a spongy sourdough flatbread which serves as the “spoon” for several preparations such as Tibs, Wots, and Kitfo, to name a few. No meal in’ adiis abba’ can end without a traditional Ethiopian coffee , which by itself will be a new experience for the local Puneites.

Doro Wot

Ethiopians, like Indians, love to relish their food by eating it with their hands instead of using cutlery. Their food is served on a communal platter which helps in building the bond of friendship and loyalty among friends and family.


The chefs at Abyssinian have visited Ethiopia to explore the cuisine and have perfected the art of recreating this rich cuisine to serve it in India. Abyssinian is guided by a culinary consultant from Addis Ababa who trained the chefs at the restaurant.

Doro Wot, Tima Tim Salad with Injera

We would highly recommend you to experience the unique ‘Coffee Ceremony’, Baklava, dishes like – Fosolia, Misir Wot, Ingunday Tibs ,Shiro, Doro Tibs and more. Addis Manhattan, ethopian coffee martini are a few must try cocktails.


“Ethopian cuisine uses a lot of spices similar to Indian cuisine but what makes Ethiopian dining experience special is the sense of bonding one feels while dining together over a common plate of African home style food”  Nikesh Lamba, Pricol Gourmet.

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