New Place Alert : Abejo, located at Creaticity Mall, Yerwada.

“Abejo”- Barroom and Eatery, the newest entrant at Pubtown, Creaticity was launched on the 8th of March, 2019. The concept behind the restaurant is centered around YoHa, Yogesh and Neha Batra, the founders of Abejo, who are world travelers and food lovers. They experienced the cuisine and camaraderie of Persia and carried back some food experiences and inspirations to their hometown, Lucknow. Here they combined their new-found inspiration with their roots in Awadhi cuisine and created the brand.

Neha and Yogesh Batra – Founder at Abejo

ABEJO, which is a Persian word meaning “water of barley or beer”.  


The launch started with live Sufi music followed by some English retro classics. The guests enjoyed some interesting beverages like Cucumber Blonde Mary, Michelada Gingembre, Dark & Stormy and a great variety of bar bites such as Masala Chicken Popcorn, Zatar Aloo Tikka, Kathal ke Kebab and many other delicious appetizers. 


Some of the guests who attended the event were Suraj Repe, Dr Rishikesh Dandekar, Dr Bhagwant Singh Ratta, Nimisha and Hemant Nadkarni, Manmohan Kapoor, Vasundhara Ruia, Sunil and Reshma Bhatia and many more. 

Sunil and Reshma Bhatia, Soniya and Sakshi Chandani

Abejo is an amalgam of an eatery, which turns into an upbeat barroom over the course of the night, with dance music, toned down lighting and a great party atmosphere. Abejo is open to the public now.


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