New Place Alert : Hyatt Regency’s All Day Diner, Zeta at Viman Nagar

Casual, fun and unpretentious, the three word that simply describe Hyatt Regency’s latest offering , ‘Zeta’. Located on the ground floor, their all day dining is affordably priced and makes it great not just for those looking for late night eat options, but also for a casual outing, a family lunch or a dinner date.


The decor, complete with cozy nooks, hardwood floor, exposed walls and coarse murals; will give you a feel of dining at a quaint little European bistro. With a down-to earth ambiance complemented by a vast & creative menu; Zeta has its own brand of spontaneity.

We tried two salads : Poached Pears and Fennel & The AWC, and the Couscous Falafel Bowl from the Soups, Salads & Superbowls menu. 

Some of the quirky dishes we tried from the small plates menu were Crispy Calamari, Kolmi no Patio (Parsi style prawns), Hiru Aunty’s Parsi Cutlets and Pune’s favorite BCG. All of which were undoubtedly delicious and highly recommended.

From the middle eastern kebab menu we went for the Charcoal smoked Broccoli, Mahi Fish Kebab and the Iranian Lamb as well as the Chicken Koobideh which was delectable & absolutely out of the word.

And we were now ready to satisfy some serious food cravings, so went ahead & ordered for the best of the Mains menu had to offer; Seabass Samke Harra, Devil’s Chicken & the Lamb Shank as we are told, priced at 700 bucks is the most expensive dish on the menu!

While awaiting the desserts, we bumped into this cozy little corner where we found out that Zeta also offers a retail selection of wine at pocket-friendly prices, in-house special sangrias and wine punches, which would be perfect for those lazy afternoons.


And later what arrived on our table, is what we’re definitely going to keep coming back for : The Banoffee Pie, Sicilian Cannoli & Aunt Anna’s Chocolate milk chocolate mousse, 

In conversation, Mr. Shobhit Sawhney, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Pune said, “Zeta is extremely close to our heart and a great deal of creativity and innovation has gone into bringing out this contemporary bistro. The trendsetting venue introduces distinctive combination of flavors in an unpretentious setting for the city’s food lovers.”

Mirroring his thoughts, Executive Chef Anirban Dasgupta at Zeta shares, “We, at Zeta, look forward to creating memories through our food as we bring back the concept of taste, inspired by the unbound food trails and flavours.”

You can drop by here at Zeta for a healthy breakfast, to enjoy a relaxed lunch or just grab a quick glass of wine with some flavorful European delicacies anytime as it is an All Day Diner. 

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