Makaza, an all-day kitchen and bar opens its heart and doors to Punekars

An all-day roof top bar, lounge and kitchen ‘Makaza’ is here to make Punekars evening interesting. This hip Mediterranean rooftop restaurant launched on 7th April 2019 at Phoenix Market City, East Court. The concept of Makaza was thought by revered restaurateur Ashish Raut, Satish Pachange, Sagar Darekar, Chetan Darekar and Vinod Dang. It is a property spread across 5,200 sq. ft with a seating of 250 guests.

Image 01 (L to R) Ashish Raut, Satish Pachange, Sagar Darekar, Chetan Darekar, Vinod Dang (1)

The theme is inspired by a perfect Mediterranean pink sunset on the backdrop of a fresh blue ocean creating a beautiful spectrum that can be enjoyed in the solitude of a rooftop. The decor is a mix of golden hues mixed with wooden furniture and warm colourful cushions decked for comfort.

Makaza 02

Guests can pick their seating between the lounge or the rooftop, whatever suits their idea of fun! The grand  rooftop area gives a 360 degree view of the sky belching the beautiful hues of the sunset. In the rooftop section, the well stacked bar and a performance stage is unmissable and make a strong promise of fun-filled evening with live bands. Whereas, the inside lounge has a disco ball that shimmers and brings the party vibe to the dance floor.

Makaza 01

The  Mediterranean themed menu, especially dishes from Greece and Turkey and a mix of comfortable and familiar dishes from around the world are well presented for guests.

The spokesperson of Makaza elaborated about the food that is offered “The idea is to offer people the dishes they can relate to. Dishes like Greek and Lebanese pizza, are coupled with familiar options like vegetables and chicken, because  are familiar to the Indian palate. Flavours brought straight from Turkey make their kebabs and Shawarmas taste delicious. There are ample of options to choose from for local foodies to explore on the menu. For the love of Indian food the evergreen Indian and Asian dishes are also available.”
Dishes are all made to share and are conducive to eat at any time of the day.

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The launch party saw a medley of the city’s whos who and some fun youngsters who made the launch a grand success. The guests enjoyed the music played by much talented DJ Sequel, DJ Browncoat and DJ Juke.

The confetti bombs, the delightful beverages and the all white theme made this summer launch the talk of the town.

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