We’ve waited all year for these specials, and here’s a list of must have Mango dishes in Pune.

A perfect way to welcome the summer is with a touch of Mango to everything on your plate, sweet and sour. Here’s a list of must have yummies around Pune that are trending right now!

Mango Cakes are all time favorite..


The Mango Cider made from Alphonso pulp straight from the Orchards of Sir Milind Bapat. On tap now across all Pubs. Effingut Pune


Image Courtesy : Kamlessh Melwani‎

Cometh the Summers; Cometh the KING. Pulp Fiction; Alphonso infused in a medium bodied witbier and made into a crispy opaque Ale. Hoppy aroma, low in bitterness and a zesty finish lingers till a strong mango burp

Only at  Independence Brewing Company !!!


Kimaya Brewing Company has just launched their seasonal #MangoCider a couple of days ago. It has a good colour, nice aroma , no headto speak of, nice carbonation, lovely sweetish flavor with a hint of tangy-ness.

Source : Maanas Shah

Currently pouring at Oblique and The Tipsy Duckling

The go-to shake for that dose of mango in summers with the Mango Blast at Falahaar.

Mango blast.jpg

Rajdhani Thali is back with its popular Aamlicious festival from 12th April until 31st May.

Mango festival.jpg
Source : Ruchi Parekh

Here’s all the dishes from the picture:
1. Panch Phoron Kairi Panna
2. Kesar Aam Thandai
3. Mango Khandvi
4. Chatpata Aamras
5. Cheesy aam Pizza Dhokla
6. Kaccha Aam Nu Muthia
7. Rasila Aam Papad Samosa
8. Kala Aam Papad Potli Kachori
9. Jodhpuri Mango Dal Dhokli
10. Aamras Khasta Kachori Chaat
11. Bikaner Palak Aamras Chaat
12. Kairi Bhakarwadi Chaat
13. Ker Sangri Aamboliya
14. Goonda Kairi Nu Saag
15. Rajasthani Kaju aur Aam Ki Sabzi
16. Aam Ki Launji
17. Gol Amboliya
18. Kairi Samose Ki Sabzi
19. Kairi Surti dal
20. Fajeto
21. Kairi Sing Dal
22. Kairi Pyaaz Pakoda Kadhi
23. Aam Pista Pulav
24. Marwari Kacchi Kairi Ki Biryani
25. Aamras
26. Amrakhand
27. Gulkand Paan Malpua, Mango Rabdi
28. Mango Jalebi, Rabdi
29. Mango Basundi
On a regular day, 7-8 mango dishes will be served along with the regular menu.

Mango BBq.jpg

Barbeque Nation, is also hosting ‘Mango Mania – Season 3’, offering a magnificent range of delicacies made with the king of fruits like the Aam Panna, Mango Toffee and Kacchi Kairi with Salt and Red Chilli Powder.

The vegetarian starters include Dhanyari Kache Aam Grilled Veg, Raw Mango Stuffed Mushroom, Mango Mint Paneer, while non-vegetarians can indulge in Mutton Mango Seekh Kebab and Thai Fish with Mango. The regular table accompaniments and dips are altered to Kache Aam Ki Chutney and Mango Salsa. Special salads like Mint Mango and Watermelon and Som Tum have also been introduced for the festival. The live counters will have favourite street chaats like Pani Puri, Mango Tossed with Honey, while soup lovers can enjoy Mango Pumpkin with Chopped Walnut soup. Vegetarians can pamper their taste buds with Mango Kofta Curry, Peas Mango Pulao and Mango Dal. While non-vegetarians will be spoilt for choice with Raw Mango Fish Curry, topping the list. The dessert section is packed with an inventive array of treats such as Chenna Payesh with Mango Rabdi, Mango Cheese Cake, Fresh Mango Pastry and Mango Syrup Slice. The Kulfi counter offers specialities like Raw Mango Kulfi, Mango Mint Kulfi and Aam Ras Shots.



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