Get Sorted. Inside a Yogi’s kitchen with Abhaya!

Celebrate the gift of rain with a unique workshop at Sorted., Pune’s only grain-free, naturally sweetened, guilt-free lifestyle deli. Join Abhaya the founder of Yoga Netri and Sorted. Delicatessen on a getaway from your daily routine and connect with the divine within on Sunday 7th July from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Yogi's Kitchen with Abhaya.jpeg

Abhaya began her journey of becoming a Yogi at the Isha Foundation by Sadhguru, where people come together and understand the essence of who they are,  which is the divine. Yoga Netri was started to help people transform and understand what is beyond the basics, through simple yet powerful practices where she will guide you through a mindful and conscious eating session.

Abhaya Gupta.jpg

Our yogic brunch gives you an exploration of experiencing food as it was meant to be by the gods! Every flavour and nuance is felt and perceived by your senses to better understand the food you eat. Nourishment, the essences of ingredients and what they do for your body will be felt and understood. Food will be more than just labels like protein, fat, etc.

Come indulge your senses at a brunch made with natural, fresh, organic, ingredients! Experience mindful eating leading to a sense of consciousness during consumption.

When: Sunday, 7th July
Where: Sorted. Delicatessen, Kalyani Nagar
Time: 11:30am to 2:00pm

For Registration:

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