PNL Recommends 8 spots for Warm Drinks this Monsoon!!

Check out these 8 places and drinks in Pune to enjoy monsoon drinks!!

Botequim Cervejaria

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Chilly evening? Try the Herbs & Bourbon to warm up your chilly evenings at Botequim Cervejaria.

Drink: Herbs & Bourbon

Description – Bourbon whiskey, angostura bitter, sugar, orange, lime and thyme

Price: Rs 560/-

Location:  Botequim Cervejaria, Lane 7, Koregaon Park

Contact: 9769027238 


Eternia Roof Top

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If you’re looking for a warm drink with a bit of a kick this monsoon then try Cider Muddle at Eternia Roof Top

Drink: Cider Muddle

Price: 450+taxes

Location: Eternia Roof Top


Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa

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“Wild Forest Berry” by Le Méridien Resort & Spa is one of the best warm monsoon cocktail to go in Mahabaleshwar, where the Jamun infused vodka takes the main role. Handpicked jamun from in-house 1000 of plants, our mixologist Mr. Nitish has the special way to infuse some vodka.

Drink: Wild Forest Berry

Price : INR 495 ++

Location : All the outlets at Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa

Contact : Chandi boro +91 7030958039 


The Cult Terra – Magarpatta

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This white rum-based cocktail smugs with a touch of cinnamon, mango and strawberry will give you the right amount of sweetness and warmth that you need this monsoon  

Drink: Infinity


JW Marriott – Paasha

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Every time it thunders a voice in my head says, ‘It was a Dark and Stormy night.’ So for every Dark and Stormy night JW Marriott has the perfect drink for you. 

Drink: Dark & Stormy – a vibrant mixture of spiced rum, ginger ale with hints of spice, pepper and smoke.



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Coffee is extremely important in the Ethiopian culture. No surprise, considering, coffee was first discovered there! Refusing coffee in an Ethiopian household is equal to blasphemy!  The way you drink coffee too is very different in Ethiopia. It is brewed in a pot and not filtered. Served directly into small cups after letting it settle. It is first had just like that without any additions. Then you add a pinch of salt to the second cup, which, like magic just takes away the bitterness and leaves just the refreshing soothing taste behind. Then you add clarified butter to it! Making it so rich and buttery (similar to bulletproof coffee).

Drink: Ethiopian Coffee 

Price: Rs.159/- 

Location: Abyssinian, Koregaon Park next to Savya Rasa

Contact:  020 71967444


Pesto Pesto Bistro

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When two of your favourites; wine and chocolates are combined you get Red Wine Hot Chocolate only at Pesto Pesto Bistro.

Drink: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Location: Pesto Pesto Bistro


Pune Cocktail Bar

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You are the HOT to my TODDY.

Pune Cocktail bar brings the best remedy to fight this cold with their Hot Toddy to soothe your throat.  

Drink: Hot Toddy

Location: Pune Cocktail Bar, 2nd Floor, The Pavillion Mall, International Convention Center, Next to JW Marriott Hotel, Model Colony,

Contact: 9860777511

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