PNL Recommends 8 Trekking Spots Around Pune


Rajmachi Trek


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Rajmachi is one of the most famous treks in Sahyadri Mountains. The simple and beautiful trail is one of the favourite destinations for every trekker and especially beginners. Enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the lush Sahyadri with the Rajmachi Trek. The perfect getaway for a weekend, spending time in the fresh air of the mountains. Camping in Rajmachi is a perfect idea especially because of the long trek


Distance- 171.4km via AH47 (3h 12 min)


Best time to visit- Monsoon time is the best for the lush green view


Places to stay- Camping is the best option whereas locals offer their rooms for accommodation.


Price- Rs400 onwards



Kalsubai Peak Trek  


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Kalsubai Peak Trek is famous as the highest peaks in Maharashtra. Panoramic views of the different mountain forts and the Kalsubai-Harishchandragad range makes the summit worth the demanding trek. 

The view from Kalsubai peak is amazing and breathtaking, it will be worth all the efforts you put in climbing the peak


Distance- Pune to Bari village (178.7km) (4h 49m)

             Bari to Kalsubai peak trek 


Best time to visit-  The view from Kalsubai peak is best viewed in Monsoon.


Places to stay- There are many options for stay at Bari village or nearby Kalsubai. You can also opt to stay in tents or do camping


Price- Rs600 onwards



Trek to Kaas Plateau, Satara


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Kaas Plateau is known as Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers. This beautiful area is situated on the high hills of Sahyadri in the Western Ghats. The beautiful lands and hills of Satara beckon you for a fun and enjoyable trek to Kaas Plateau with your set of adventure buddies and trekking gear. 


Distance- 136.8km via AH47 (2h 59min)


Best time to visit- Monsoon season is the best time to experience this beautiful place 


Places to stay- There are plenty of options to stay near this beautiful valley like Camping tents, resorts, local accommodation etc.


Price- RS600 onwards



Lohagad Fort Trek


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Lohagad Fort trek is popular gateway destination from Pune, it has stone steps leading right to the top of the fort which makes it easy even for a novice climber. The sunrise and the sunset view is absolutely magical from the Lohagad Fort 


Distance- 64.4km via NH48 (1h 41min)


Best time to visit- During monsoon season, when the rains make the surroundings look fresh and verdant.


Places to stay-  village at the base where you will find a few budget options.


Price- Rs300 onwards



Visapur Fort Trek


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The Visapur Fort is a very popular excursion destination for adventure lovers and for nature lovers. The majestic fort is a very popular destination for trekking activities. With an unmatched view of nature at its best, the Visapur fort is indeed a treat for all those who want to take a break from their busy schedules.


Distance- 63.3km via NH48 (1h 36min)


Best time to visit- The trek and views of the surroundings are especially beautiful during monsoons


Places to stay- You will find local places for budget friendly accommodation.


Price- Rs300 onwards



Devkund Waterfall Trek


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Devkund Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. The forest around the waterfall is beautifully green and dense with many species of animals and birds. Devkund keeps the spirit of monsoon alive when you reach Devkund you will be overwhelmed with its beauty and filled with joy. 


Distance- 98.9km via Paud Road & Tamhini Ghat Road (3h 12min)


Best time to visit- Monsoons are the best to witness the beauty of this place. 


Places to stay- You will find a lot of places stay like resorts and local places.


Price- Rs500 onwards



Torna Trek


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The Torna Fort is located at a height of 1400 m which is actually the highest trekking point in entire Pune district. Trekking here is fun and also the fort has its own ancient feel to it. Trekking can be done at night also and in the moonlight the fort looks even more beautiful.


Distance- 59.6km via SH65 (1h 57miin)


Best time to visit- Nature can be seen at its best in the monsoon


Places to stay- You will find number of options for staying.


Price- Rs300 onwards



Korigad Fort Trek   


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Korigad Fort is a beautiful place located near Lonavala. Korigad fort top gives some stunning view of the Aamby Valley City along with the Tung and Tikona Fort. The entire route is lush green passing through dense jungles and many waterfalls falling in the vicinity. You can witness numerous waterfall on way to Korigad Fort from Pune


Distance- 89.3km via Bengaluru- Mumbai Highway (2h 4min)


Best time to visit- You can witness nature at its best around the whole year.


Places to stay- There are local places to stay or resorts near Lonavala. 
Price- Rs400 onwards

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