Taste the Amore with Chianti at Pune

A Slice of Italy at Chianti​

After spreading its love of Italian cuisine in Chennai and Bangalore, Chianti recently opened its doors for Punekars at Phoenix Market City. Situated on the third floor, the vibrant eatery serves a widespread of authentic Italian fare.

Spread across 3000 sq ft, the gorgeous eatery calls you in for a rendezvous with food. Creating a relaxed and laid back vibe with its rustic wooden decor, vibrant coloured walls and chandeliers to illuminate the Instagram-worthy dishes.

Chianti 01

The founders of this restaurant called it Chianti because Chianti is a rural region of Tuscany, which is composed of hills and mountains. It is known worldwide for its wine production. The outlet serves a wide range of wines that hail from a variety of countries globally.

Serving dishes like Ravioli Al Pomodoro, melt-in-the-mouth salmon, filet mignon to a sinful Tiramisu, the handcrafted dishes are made using the freshest ingredients. Chianti also brings a variety of Italian soda, cold-pressed line of juices, rare meats, hand-rolled pizzas, home-made pasta, fire-roasted vegetables and a fabulous list of wines that form the Key elements of the menu.

The Chef and his team prepare the food with great detailing, thus delivering a handcrafted meal. The kitchen uses the finest of authentic Italian ingredients to maintain originality. Dishes enjoyed for generations throughout the villages of Tuscany inspire “Chianti’s” menu, bringing recipes across borders and onto your plate adding that Italian flair to your fine dining experience.

Tagliata Di Manzo Fillet Mignon.jpg

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