Bath and Body Works is here, what next?

Makeup lovers in Pune are soon to get a new cosmetic brand!!

PNL can guarantee that every luxury brand lover in Pune was eagerly waiting for this. One of the most popular American beauty brand, Bath and Body Works has finally opened its doors to Pune. The store that can make anyone a weak-willed shopper is located at the ground floor of Phoenix MarketCity. This brand is a synonym to heavenly pampering for you and your loved ones.

During the launch, team PNL got an exclusive interview with Mr. Tushar Ved, President of Major Brands. Here are some exciting information for Punekars.

With a clear and focused vision, Mr. Ved established Major Brands and turned it into one of the best retailers in India with good customer service. His idea was to get the best International brands to India with the same values, culture and experience someone would get in that store abroad. Mr. Ved had one thought in mind that why should people have to wait or rely on vacations and travel abroad just to get the products that they like. They could easily go to the nearest outlet whenever they feel like to pamper themselves.

On the challenges the company faced while setting up, Mr. Ved replied, “I think the main challenge was that when we had started there weren’t many places and malls where we could open the shops. Also the localities or the real estate was not up to the mark. High streets were available, but it did not match the standards of the quality and ambiance that was required to bring the same experience. Parking spots were a challenge to overcome too.”

Bath and Body Works is a $4-billion US-based group and Mr. Ved is investing ₹80 crores over five years to set up 50 stores of BBW in India. The brand will soon be opening in Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Bengaluru.

Mr. Ved shared, “Before we get any brand to the India, our research team does a thorough survey of the Indian market and on the sales of the products used by the Indian consumers during their international travel. We also have a database of the Indian consumers from the Gulf, Singapore and UK. This helps us understand which brands and products have a potential in India and also which cities to open the stores first. Market Research helps us a lot to understand what people are looking for and how to give them the best customer service.”

Major Brands also plans to bring to Pune the classic Beverly Hill Polo Club. Also for all the makeup lovers who can’t get enough, Inglot will soon enter Pune with a wide cosmetic range.

Mr. Ved couldn’t disclose few of the upcoming brand names, but has promised to announce 2 – 3 high-end international brands that will open in India by 2021.

We are super excited for this, as Major Brand have always been promising.

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