Impact Of Software Industry Revolution In Our Lives

Impact Of Software Industry Revolution In Our Lives

In the first edition of Bill Gates’s book – “The Road Ahead“, he has made many predictions about the growth of the software industry. But, he himself could not imagine such a high level of internet impact as we all are seeing today. The software has made its presence in different aspects of human life all around the world. The software industry has truly changed the world in many ways through regular revolutions. Digital advancements in this sector are bringing significant changes in the life of software developers and people living in a society.


Recent Advancements In Software Industry

According to the survey report, there were around 21 million developers in 2017 and approximately 23 million in 2018. The accomplishment of increasing demands and needs of users is contributing a lot to the tremendous growth of the software industry. Over the last few years, the following developments have taken place in this sector globally –

– AI

The shocking development of AI or artificial intelligence has taken the software development market to the peak by facilitating software to think with the intelligence opt by humans. AI with its subsets – machine learning and deep learning are expected to rise over the next 12 months. It will drill deeper into almost every business. According to the sources, AI will become increasingly thoughtful and predict purchasers’ behavior.


– Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns across the world that is taken very seriously. Thanks to the digital advancements that keep the hackers at the bay and ensure complete digital security.


– Blockchain

This is one of the recent advances that take the software development industry by storm from the last 2 years by providing the access to secure information. The information shared through the blockchain network will be visible to all authorized people within the network, but it would not be removed or changed by the central authority.


Impact Of These Revolutions In Our Live

The software revolutions are not only for techs, but they are creating a huge impact on human life by changing the worldwide society. Here are some areas that have changed a lot through software development –


Wearable Internet

Reports found that wearable internet is used by approximately 10% of people. This is the biggest advantage for parents as it helps in locating their children and facilitate informed decision making.



Reputable software developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, etc are developing the highest quality games to make online gambling highly interactive, engaging, and entertaining. New advances such as augmented reality and live dealer gaming are taking the level to the peak. The cinematic quality and high definition graphics, catchy animations, and enhanced features with interesting storylines are providing a realistic gaming experience with more fun.


Smart Cities

A smart city refers to the region which is managed electronically via sensors for better assessment and maintenance of resources. The modern and rapid development of smart cities is counted among the topmost priorities of the software development industry these days.

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