Healthy breakfast at Yolkshire’s for 99

Yolkshire’s hearty breakfast @ 99 
They say a full and fulfilling meal is the perfect start of a day. Then, why skip the most important meal of the day, becaYolkshire Breakfast @99.jpeguse you don’t want to loosen your purse-strings? Yolkshire has it all sorted for you. 
Breakfast @ 99 is the perfect breakfast combo of Cheese and Chilli Omelette (with baked beans), Tossed Potatoes and Whole Wheat Bread with Cappuccino/Americano.  
Start your day with a full tummy, energetic spirit and a happy heart, till 5th of December!
When: Till 5th December
Where: Millenium Plaza, opposite Fergusson College, FC Road, Pune
Cost: INR 99

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