Enjoy the Deli-Seaous cuisines at Mainland China

Enjoy the Deli-Seaous cuisines at Mainland China

The Deli – Seaous cuisine brought to us by Mainland China. Everyone loves seafood , but when a chinese fine dine restaurant comes up with a seafood festival, it takes you into gluttony heaven. The Crispy Bombay Duck with Sriracha was a perfect way to start the meal.  The crunchiness on the outer layer and the soft fish inside accompanied with some hot sauce was an ultimate treat to the tastebuds. To keep up with the perfect start,Copy of Crispy Fried Crab Claw With Sambal Salsa 2 then came the Squid rings tossed in butter, having the perfect brown glaze, which definitely left us lovestruck. Duck, Squid and now comes  the oval shaped Crab Claw filled with flavoured minced crab meat served in a small glass with Sambal Salsa which was an ultimate surprise. From the presentation to its taste, it was nothing less than perfection. Oh not to forget the Lobster with Chilli Teriyaki sauce! The dish that made us fall in love, beyond comparison.  One can actually see a big lobster head served right on the plate with some delicious lobster meat along with it.

A chinese cuisine is incomplete without Dumplings. Mainland China being on top of its game, introduced the basic dumplings with a twist! Steamed Prawn Dumplings in IMG_20191217_131244Sichuan Style! Dumplings filled with minced prawn meat, poached in a spicy Sichuan broth,was an ultimate blast of mouth-watering flavours! OH it’s not done yet, The main course had some perfectly cooked rice paired with some delicious,  chilli garlic Prawns. Not just rice but we also had Shanghai Noodles tossed with herbed fish, squid and crab meat,cooked in spicy cinnamon and soya sauce. What a perfect combination!

Ending the meal on a sweet note is a mandate. The ultimate Rambutan with Ice-Cream was a breathtaker. Served over dry ice, giving it an extraordinary, dramatic presentation. If you are wondering what Rambutan is, it’s a famous Thai fruit, having a similar taste to lychee.

IMG_20191216_213534Oh the chocolate lovers out there, you cannot miss out on the ultimate Chocolate dome, that would make you go WOW. Pour the hot chocolate onto the Dome, and witness the magic yourself!

 With all these delicacies the white wine was the perfect best friend!

The Seafood and Wine festival of Mainland China was one of its kind! Oh so glad that we were lucky enough to witness this delightful experience! 


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