Toscano – A kaleidoscope into Italy

Toscano – A kaleidoscope into Italy


Walk-through an Italian mosaic entrance and you are welcomed by the waft of freshly_DSC7229 baked pizzas and a picturesque seating painted in blue and white, under a canopy. A sought-after Italian restaurant in Bangalore and Chennai, Toscano has finally set its foot in P-town and we are delighted!

A soothing ambiance accompanied by a vibrant bar and warm hospitality, the restaurant makes sure it gets your first impression right! What comes next is even more endearing…An array of classics from across Italy, the menu at Toscano is enough to get you cheesy! 


On our visit, we tried:

  1. Sangria- Whether you like it white or you like it red, Toscano knows how to please dsc7242.jpgyou either way! Pair it with a portion of classic pasta and you are all set for a great meal.

  2. Bread Basket- When in Toscano, eat bread the way Italians do, with some basil walnut pesto and salsa pomodoro. An assortment of freshly baked bread including the iconic focaccia served alongside garden-fresh sauces, this appetizer is a great way to while away your hunger as you anticipate what comes next!

  3. Bruschetta Vegetariana- An Italian meal is incomplete without a fancy bruschetta. Toscano serves an assortment of experimental bruschetta that both look and taste lip-smacking! If you are fond of Mediterranean cuisine, do try their Hummus and Tahini topped Bruschetta!


  4. Arrancini E Frittelle Di Verdure- Italian cuisine is all about minimalism and this antipasti boasts the same. Crisp rice balls stuffed with vegetables served alongside mixed fritters, crunchy fried mozzarella and a tangy Arrabiata sauce, this delicacy may sound simple but will make you swoon over its subtle flavors!


  5. Sapori Mediterranean – Again, a pleasant Italian twist to a Mediterranean delicacy, this has Pita bread layered with hummus, braised Greek eggplant with Feta and Tuscany double bean falafel, served alongside tossed salad and olives! Yumm!


  6. Insalata Di Formaggio Di Capra E Pere- A fresh balsamic drizzle salad made with handpicked greens, beetroots, wine poached pears, and grapes, served alongside pistachio-crusted goat cheese, this is a signature Toscano delicacy! If you love your greens, this one is a must-try!
  7. Pollo Tonnato: An Italian salad made with wine-poached chicken and drizzled with Tuna caper mayo, this classic is served chilled and goes perfectly with a glass of red wine.
  8. Risotto Primavera- Arborio rice stewed_DSC7362 in spring vegetables and topped with a dash of tomato pesto and burrata cheese, this main is hearty and delicious!

  9. Ravioli Di Zucca E Carote- Handcrafted ravioli stuffed with roasted pumpkin, caramelized carrot, and tossed in double butter sage and walnut sauce, this artisan pasta is an epitome of classic Italian cuisine!

  10. Spaghetti Pescatore- A rich seafood pasta, made with a subtle tomato and wine sauce, slowly cooked in fresh prawns, mussels, crab and squid, if you love seafood and beaches, this one is going to get you nostalgic about the sea and the salt!


  11. Grandma Freshly Whipped Mascarpone Tiramisu- An iconic dessert from Italy, Toscano takes the Tiramisu a notch higher by topping it with a coffee bean ice cream! Light, creamy and decadent, this chilled dessert defines Italian warmth!


  12. Chocolate Kahlua Mousse- Crispy, smooth, sweet,_DSC7512 sharp and creamy, all at once, this dolce has a perfect melody of textures and flavors! Bless your taste buds with a bite, and you will keep begging for more!

Overall, the experience at Toscana was a treat and we relished everything about it! If you love everything Italian or are simply willing to explore, Toscano should definitely be on your list!



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