Enjoy China’s Authentic Street Flavors At Baan Tao

IMG-6267Step into Baan Tao and you are almost immediately transported to the orient, with the traditional paper umbrellas hung across the ceiling and the sound of perineal waterfall creating a soothing melody. As you walk in further, the polished wooden floor, dim lit ambience and the aroma of East Asian spices relax your senses and make you anticipate the treat you are in for!

Baan Tao, an oriental fine-dine restaurant at the Hyatt Pune, beckons one to the soulful flavours of the streets of Asia, from the beginning of the ‘Chinese Year of the Rat’, till the end of January.

Embark on a gastronomic journey down the oriental streets with an array of delectable renditions of Chinese Street Food as Chef Samarth Saxena and his team of chefs, handpick spices to retain and curate the authenticity of the dishes to leave your senses appeased.IMG-6269

The festival puts forth a menu featuring street classics like Chogquin Chicken, an assortment of Dimsums, Mapo tofu, banana fritters and so much more.

Take a break from the mundane and immerse yourself into the world of the orient, through the diverse flavours and wholesome dishes offered at Baan Tao!

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