Savya Rasa’s Millet Food Festival

-Indulge in these tiny little nutritious grains-

 Pune, January: Let’s head back to our roots with a journey that solely consists of millet-based dishes made with authentic recipes from the kitchens of South India. Savya Rasa, Kambu Dosai1India’s award-winning restaurant brings to you a well-curated and exclusive Millet Food Festival which started on 17th January.

Millets, one of the oldest foods known to humans are highly nutritious, gluten-free, non-acid forming and easily digestible foods. Some of our delicious preparations include Kutharai Vali Sambar Saddam, Nattu Kozhi Kozhambu, Kathrikkai Karuvattu Kozhambu, Vegetable Samaai Biryani, Pachapayiru Adai and Paruthi Paal Halwa which are all made from different types of millets like are Ragi (Finger millet), Jowar(Sorghum), Sama (Little millet), Bajra(Pearl millet), and Variga (Proso millet). Our Saamai Chicken Biriyani 4nutritionist Annavi Khot has carefully planned the millet menu taking care of all your dietary requirements.

A rich source of fibre, iron and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc millets serve the perfect meal for you. We are also retailing the millets from Savya Rasa along with a free recipe book to try out our yummy dishes at home. This season come and indulge in nothing short of the best with our Millet Food Festival.

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