Punjabi music gives a feel like no other. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to dance, sing or at least move to the beat. The pump that Punjabi music gives is unexplained.
Gaana Crossblade is India’s biggest Punjabi Music Festival which runs 2 days to rejoice Punjabi music of all genres. It aims to bring alive the spirit of beautiful Punjabi culture and PUNJABI MUSIC through a combination of music genres with MULTIPLE ARTISTS along with 2 DEDICATED MUSIC STAGES for different forms and eras of music. With Punjabi fans attending the festival from all over the country, the festival enjoys live Performances by Punjabi artists with Games & Activities and other experiential activities at the venue. This single day edition offers fun, food, good vibes and a lot of happiness apart from non-stop Punjabi music. Being the first regional music festival of India, Crossblade aims in bringing something bigger, better and the best Punjabi music from across the world.

If Punjabi Music makes you want to dance to the beat, makes you want to sing along loud, puts you in a good mood, pumps you up like no other then Gaana Crossblade is the festival for you !

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