A Gastronomy Experience – AKSS

Akss means Mirror/ reflection and the restaurant ideology revolves around the reimagining and recreating of age-old favourites of Indian cuisine offering a unique dining experience. Akss, a pure vegetarian restaurant which is located at Bund Garden above famous Little Italy, has vibrant colourful interiors and a warm homely feel making it an ideal destination for social gatherings and celebrations. This distinctive Modern Indian restaurant takes a fresh approach to Indian cuisine recreating different dishes from regions across all of India. Akss uses principles of molecular gastronomy, which is the scientific study of food, they use modern cooking techniques and gastronomy to reimagine your favourite Indian dishes and present them in innovative ways with a while delivering a great dining experience.


Team PNL enjoyed a delicious lunch at Akss and here’s what we recommend:


We started our meal with Akks’ version of masala papad, served on a baked slice of bread, followed by a series of appetizers.
The first that made it’s way on the table was Pav Bhaji Bomb, a pav shaped in the form of Bun, filled with a hearty serving of bhaji, cheese and topped with onions, this dish was an indian version of bunny chow and was an absolute crowd pleaser.


Next up was the table favourite, Palak Patta Chaat. This dish was not only lip smacking, but a visual treat on your table. The server prepares the dish right in front of you with liquid ice to cool your chaat followed by delicious in house prepared indian sauces and topped with imli and green chutney caviar.


Some of the other appetizers we tried were Ragada Pattice, Broccoli Kalimiri amongst the others. Overall the start of our meal was fabulous and our experience was already on a high note.


After a brief gorging session, we moved to mains where we were served an array of dishes starting from a bread basket with coriander naan, olive laccha paratha and other breads. The breads were so delicious by themselves and had a unique flavour that we couldn’t wait to start sampling them tell the curries arrived.

In the curry section we were served Kofta and Paneer Lasagna which were both delicious and paired well with the bread basket.


By this time we were too full to move but we all always have a separate space stored for desserts.

Here comes the highlight of the evening, a dessert that builds up your excitement level to 100 and a memory you shall carry with you.

A separate table with liquid ice and a jar filled with what appeared liquid rabri was brought to us. The server then started pouring the liquid into the ice and small pieces started to form together. He then put them onto a plate and poured some liquid rabri on to the dry pieces, 2 layers of this were poured onto the plate followed by fresh dry fruits and silver paper decor. By this time we couldn’t wait to try and we picked our spoons and grabbed our first bite. This was a dish made in heaven, perfectly balanced sweetness and the play with textures that were a melt in your mouth, we call this the #StarDishAtAkks.


Post this we tried the Gajar Halwa Gudbud which is also a great option to try at your next visit.


This sums up our meal and Akks is definitely a spot we recommend for you to try.

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