PNL Live Sessions

This long and intense lock-down has turned our lives upside down and is taking a heavy toll on us. To divert everybody’s mind from the talks that just involve COVID patients, increasing death rates and the plunging economies, we thought of coming up with something appealing for our viewers which in some way be helpful. We believe there’s nothing better way of doing it than asking the experts.

The main raison d’être of hosting these captivating live sessions with reputed people from industries like F&B, fashion and lifestyle, and psychological healing among others, was to engage in something productive during this period. The week-long live sessions were filled with the exchange of healthy learning and fun.

Here’s an overview of all our successful live sessions:
The first live session was held on 25th Feb with Rupali Hasija popularly known as @thecurlgirl on Instagram. She’s a well-known lifestyle and fashion blogger, who talked about how decluttering was the first step toward sorting out her life. It had a stellar impact on her routine and she felt more organised. She stressed that she could manage her time better by making space for meditation, reading and journaling, which she found it difficult to include in her daily routine.

Our next session was with Mr Anirudha Patil, the founder of Pune Eat Out (PEO) on the 26th. PEO is Pune’s premier and most popular social food community. What started as a journey of simply sharing food-related experiences in the city, is today a thriving community of PEOple, restaurateurs, home chefs, and much more.

Anirudha spoke about how the pandemic has become a social and economic leveller. He highlighted that after the lock-down is lifted, restaurants will have to look at business differently. Most will change their approach and strategies to make their business profitable and sustainable. The restauranteers will have to maintain their customer trust to step up their game, while consumers will also have to allow the restaurants to serve them in the most accomodating way possible.

Our third and next phenomenal session was with Payal Shankar, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and a very zealous mommy, on 27th Feb. She is one of the bloggers in the city that is inspiring the young and the old alike through her work. Fashion has always been her first love.

She talked about how lucky many of us are to be isolated with our loved ones. She strongly expressed that we all use this time to make the most of it. It is her affirmative belief that this time we have been gifted is one for learning and using to benefit us as humans.

The fourth live session on the 28th of April was with a very lively food blogger, Sangeeta. She’s a literary professor and often exhibits her culinary skills via her blog. She’s into poetry too and is a social etiquette trainer. She talked about how it is so important to pen down what you felt while having a dish so that when somebody reads it they feel better connected. She very kindly read a poem she wrote for our viewers.

The fifth live session hosted by us on the 29th of April was with a reputed relationship advisor, Aarti Rani. She threw light on one of the most important questions of this hour, “How to stay motivated during this lock-down?” She spoke about the positive impact that greenery, nature and sunlight can have to stay energetic. She emphasised on being compassionate – all of us are going through an emotional rollercoaster, we never know what is the other person feeling so it is important to be kind and understanding. We’re together in this and if we stay together, we will come out of this healthier and stronger.

The last yet very informative live session that took place of the 30th of April was with a psychological facilitator and a sound healer, Namrata Kripallani. One of the most well-received suggestions during this live session was the power of dressing up and looking good. Gratitude is a powerful tool, Namrata strongly advised that we practice gratefulness as part of our daily routine. It changes your mindset for the better. She engaged her viewers in a very optimistically by sharing references that viewers can use for sound healing for certain chakras and healing purposes.

Each live session taught us something novel and our viewers shared that it brought positivity in their day.

We are overwhelmed by the response that we got on these live sessions, we’ve decided to make this activity a permanent one. If you feel you have something interesting to share with us or know someone that will be interested, feel free to reach out to us on We promise to be prompt!

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