PNL Live Sessions

We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming response that we received on our previous live sessions and therefore, we choose to continue with the sessions.

In this convoluting and pressing phase, we humans are going through a turmoil of emotions. We cannot change anything about it but we can definitely change the way we think and look at this phase. We hope these live sessions with some influential and outstanding personalities from different fields bring you some valuable insights. Here is an overview of our last few sessions.

On 2nd May, we spoke with Monalisa Mehrotra, she’s a creator and food stylist. She talked about how she loved the idea of presenting food in unique ways. She spoke about how the presentation of food can actually bring about a massive change in one’s dining experience. She’s making the best of this lockdown by spending her time with her loved ones, cooking delicious food for them and experimenting with different food styling techniques.

Next session was with Mr Abhishek Kulkarni – Director of Just Urbane Magazine. We found out that he possesses a really optimistic approach as he mentioned he still hasn’t lost hope in the economy. He believes the luxury real estate industry will continue to thrive irrespective of the present circumstances. Similarly, we spoke to several other notable personalities- Rishu Bhaveja – MD of the Cult. He shared that the changes are likely to occur in the restaurant industry after the lockdown is lifted. Even though health and hygiene have always been the priority, it would be taken up a notch. According to him, people are now going to shift their interest from clubbing and lounging to house parties. It will give rise to house catering, as it seems like a safer bet.

Priya Haridas spoke about something really important – The importance of dressing up good to keep your spirits up. After all, if you look good, you feel good. We all need the good vibes right now! Sonali Zalkikar- Owner of Pet Feast focused on how and why it is important to take care of our stray furry friends, especially during the pandemic. The strays wholly depend on us for their living. It should be our social and moral responsibility to ensure they’re not left starving. She also focused on how important it is to make necessary changes in their diet. This is intended to ensure they can get through the summer without much trouble.

The next live session was with Irfan Pabaney- a brilliant chef, who spoke about how cooking can be a great way to self-express. Cooking according to him can be therapeutic as well as a fun experience. Lastly, a very grand live session was with the renowned Vastupal Ranka. He spoke about how investing in gold is always a safe bet irrespective of the crisis. Gold has been the only commodity that has gained quickly and remains the only liquidity option in times of need.

We had a great time hosting these fun and inspiring people. We hope you enjoyed them as much as well. We thank all our viewers and guests for supporting our initiative.

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