Yes, Today Is National Pizza Party Day!!

Having a blast on National Pizza Party Day is no pie-in-the-sky idea. Pizza’s the very definition of a good time and your May 15 options are plentiful.
Afterall, nothing beats homemade pizzas! these homemade pizzas can be easily thrown together using everyday pantry staples that you probably already have in the kitchen.There can be endless homemade pizza topping options, these are some of our favourites:
MARGHERITA – Sometimes the simplest ingredients, combined in the simplest of ways, have the power to stop time, erase your woes, and transport you to a place of nirvana-like bliss. Such is the power of the margherita pizza. Fresh tomato sauce, chewy mozzarella cheese, a sprinkling of basil on a crispy crust? I wouldn’t be surprised if you started levitating.
MEAT LOVERS – Homemade thin crust pizza, topped off with two types of cheese, bacon, ham, pepperoni and hot sausages! A must make for meat lovers.
ROASTED VEGETABLE & FETA PIZZA – This easy pizza creates a delicious feast suitable for vegetarians. So easy to make and yet so delicious!!
CHICKEN PESTO – The absolutely perfect weeknight meal that comes together in minutes! Nothing but simple, fresh ingredients mingling together to produce a pizza that is anything but ordinary! Use leftover rotisserie chicken, fresh tomatoes, pesto and cheese. That’s all you need!
POTATO, BACON & ROSEMARY – Potato and bacon, man’s true bestfriends. What’s better than pairing both of them together? This gourmet pizza is delicious. Do not forget to top it up with fresh truffle oil. Do we see you drool?
CHORIZO & SALAMI PIZZA – A delicious meaty pizza, Chorizo & Salami Pizza is a great Friday night dinner. I guess, we all know what’s cooking for dinner tonight!!
MEDITERRANEAN PIZZA –  A serious crowd pleaser, starring mozzarella and feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and fresh basil. It’s a celebration of bright Mediterranean flavors to make you think of sunny afternoons in Greece and Italy.
BBQ CHICKEN – Thick style homemade pizza crust topped with sweet BBQ sauce, chopped chicken, onions, coriander, and tons of cheese. Your soon-to-be favourite pizza!
Surround yourself with pizza not Negatively. Afterall,
All we need is love and pizza.
Happy Pizza party day!!
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