PNL Recommends a few ways to celebrate Brother’s Day

We love to hate them but can’t imagine our lives without them. They know our strengths and weaknesses and are often our first best friend.
The bond between siblings is extremely special and what better way to celebrate the love we have for our brothers on National Brother’s day on May 24th.
The bond between siblings is thought to be one of the most powerful and long lasting so let’s get celebrating!
so what if we are quarantined? we can still manage to have a great day with our brothers! We’ve got a few ideas for you.20200524_163251
1. Play siblings trivia : No one knows you better than your brother – bad habits, sly secrets, all your mischief and a lot more! So, why not play a game of sibling trivia that’s guaranteed to make you laugh and get you in the spirit of Siblings Day.
2. Cook a childhood favourite meal for them: A way to one’s heart is definitely through one’s stomach. What’s better than reminiscing on some timeless memories of you and your sibling hogging onto your favourite dishes. Time to put on your chef hearts and recreate those special memories.
3. Make a funny tik tok with them : Right about now, you’re chilling with your siblings on the couch, asking each other, “What should we do now?” Look at the list of super fun TikTok sibling challenges. They’ll break your boredom streak and give you every reason to LOL together.
4. Arrange for a family game night : Game night can bring out the inner child in everyone. Family games can bring tons of laughter and fun to your family bonding time. After all, What’s better than spending time with your loved ones? Time to bring out those board games and make the most of it!
5. Prep for a movie night : Nights in with your sibling, watching your favourite movies are the best kind of nights. Grab a tub of ice- cream, and pop your favourite pop corns. It’s time to indulge in some sibling therapy!
6. Make a handmade gift to express your love : Why not go that extra mile and hand-make something for your brother? You don’t need to spend a fortune, just give your sibling a small handmade gift or a beautiful card. The gift can be something they are into or an inside joke, or something they liked as a child. After all, its the efforts that count.
Let us all make a point of celebrating our brothers. Regardless of the ups and downs, it is a relationship that can not be replaced. So whether you are together or apart this National brother’s Day, be sure to brighten their day.

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