It’s National Hamburger Day

Today is National Hamburger Day! Nothing says summertime like a big, juicy hamburger. Life is too short to miss out on double cheeseburgers, and today we have a reason to gauge on some utterly butterly delicious hamburgers from our favourite eateries in Pune. Check them out :
1. Mahlzeit :
Missing the delicacies from around the world? Mahlzeit brings a taste of Berlin to Pune. If you’re craving for some hot, juicy, crispy burgers, look no further. Order from Mahlzeit, they’ve got your back. Afterall, all we meed this quaratine is good food and some more good food! Warm, hygeinic, german soul food, now delivered at your door step. Get ordering!
2. Chili’s :
They say ” Roses are red, violets are blue, life is better with a burger, isn’t it true?” We think it is!
Stuffed with double bacon, cheddar and spicy buffalo sauce, this burger is only love oozing in every bite.
Tik tok, it’s burger – o – clock. You can now satisfy your tastebuds by ordering chili’s lipsmaking hamburgers at the comfort of your homes. So what are you waiting for?
3. Indigo Burger Project :
Their hamburgers are every meat lovers dream. Feel the energy and passion flow through you with every bite of their sumptious burgers and experience a delectable fan moment. What time is it? It’s time to order from Indigo burger Project, this Hamburg Day!
4. Hard Rock Cafe :
They have a variety of juicy hamburgers to choose from. If you are indecisive just like us, you might have a hart time picking your favourite! Nonetheless, every burger of theirs is set to leave you speechless. Order now!
5.Burger King :
“Know what’s scarier than Friday the 13th?” not getting yummy food this quanrantine. But why fear when Burger King is here? They’ve got our back! Their whooper = Happiness. Do you agree with us? If you haven’t tried it yet, try it now and thank us kater. It’s never too late!
6. Burger Craft by Street Meat :
Their Korean BBQ Chicken burgers, oh! what a heavenly dish. Soft toasted brioche bun, crispy fried chicken, Barbecue sauce, fresh asian slaw topped with creme fraiche. This is a unami filled burger like no other. They’re working extra hard to make your burger taste extra delicious and extra safe. Have you ordered yet?
We hope we’ve tempted you into ordering your cheat meal for the week. Life is too short to worry about them calories and  let’s face it, there isn’t anything in the World quite so delightful as a juicy, scrumptious hamburger. The hamburger day celebrates the history of the most irresistible of sandwiches. Let’s get celebrating!

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