PNL Recommends Sustainable Choices For Daily Life

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, annually to encourage awareness and environmental protection. People have now realised the urgency of protecting their environment, for a better and a healthier tomorrow. The continued depletion of natural resources has led corporations to become more environmentally aware than ever. Companies that are seen as being environmentally sensitive tend to create a vision of care.

Here are six brands that are doing their bit, by going green.

EcoRight Bags

A young startup trying to save the world, starting with finding ways to reduce the plastic footprint on our planet. They create products that are affordable, natural, reusable and IMG-20200605-WA0008appealing – to enable people to go eco-friendly. All EcoRight products are made from fabrics that are durable, kind to the environment and in ethically-audited manufacturing facilities. They also develop innovative fabrics like recycled cotton and Juton (jute+cotton) to make the products better for the environment.
Their bags are designed to be quirky yet thought-provoking, with each design rooted in an existing environmental issue, that makes the customer cognizant of the harm, plastic does to the environment. As of March 2018, all EcoRight bags are packaged in biodegradable packaging material.



Pepaa (formerly Plantcil) is an award-winning social enterprise that develops sustainable stationery and packaging solutions for brands from 100% landfill-bound waste. From their responsible paper, they started making pencils, pens (everything non-IMG-20200605-WA0013plastic sans the refill), coasters, notebooks, bookmarks, cloth tags, and even event invitation cards . The best part – each of their stationery is plantable. It will sprout into flowers and vegetables and even trees after you use it! It’s their tiny effort to close the loop of sustainability – to enable stationery to be zero waste like never before. Some of their claims to fame include being able to make sustainable stationery from cow dung, elephant dung, rhino dung and even shredded currency notes! They also launched India’s 1st plantable newspaper on World Environment Day. A newspaper that you can read and plant after use!
Amongst other things, they export recycled paper pencils and pens to over 8 countries. They also host zero waste, sustainable events for brands and weddings on demand.


IMG-20200605-WA0010Malaka Spice

For a very long time, Malaka Spice has followed on the farm to table concept. In 2012, Cherish Farm came into existence, on which they started growing ingredients essential in the Malaka Spice kitchen. The restaurant grows their own supply and the waste is then recycled as compost for growing their future supply.



Thrifty Ideas India

Is a non profit collective, created by Aaishanni Agny, Protima Tiwary and Sucharita Iyer. They organize and execute affordable, sustainable events for a good cause. The collective IMG-20200605-WA0012was born when they realized buying local, organic and sustainable items is not always affordable or convenient. The opportunities to be sustainable, do good for society all while staying afloat aren’t easy or many. They aim to provide people with these options. They make sure all their activities impact people in need directly, in a manner where results are transparent and can be recorded and seen.
Events they have executed and are currently planning include clothes swaps, book sales, tree plantation drives, local brand bazaars etc. They are also currently fundraising and providing food aid to people affected by the COIVD 19 pandemic.


IMG-20200605-WA0011Ka-sha : Ka-Sha

Studio is a fashion brand that has been working towards a holistic integration of sustainability right from the materials, designing, and production to distribution. From using onion sacks and wool to create new fabrics to converting plastic bags into jackets, this store is always coming up with innovative ideas for waste management. All their pieces are created with natural fabric and dyes by skilled artisans.


IMG-20200605-WA0014AdrishZero Waste store :

Is all about recycling, reusing and up-cycling. Most of the items in the store are grocery items, but they also have plastic-free products like bamboo toothbrushes, steel straws, khadi bags and accessories. Every product in the store is organic and directly sourced from the farmers and retailers which ensures eliminating the middlemen, allowing the producers to enjoy maximum profits for their hard work.


This Environment Day let’s make the right choices. If our planet is safe and healthy, only then will our business be the same.


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