Get Helpful Services At Your Fingertips

The Lockdown has proved to be quite a hindrance in our day to day life. From struggling to keep your pets clean, to buying fresh groceries and veggies, to purchasing your favourite books, it’s all been a task.
Here are a few essential services that you can avail, with just a call of click away.

IMG-20200618-WA00121. The Pet Nest – No matter how much our furry babies love us, they make sure they give us a hard time while grooming them.
Can’t take your pets out to the pet salons during this lockdown? Having a tough time keeping them clean? Pet Nest to rescue!
The Pet Nest is a reliable pet grooming service that caters to our very own city – Pune. Their team of pet groomers are well trained and very reliable. They have various grooming packages that you can pick from. All the grooming equipments and products are brought by them. You just got to sit back, in the comforts of your home and wash your furry baby get clean! They also provide pet training services. In case of emergency, you can also contact them to get in touch with a vet. Whatever your furr babies are into, they’re in it too
Contact No : +91 93540 74426

IMG-20200618-WA00132. Pune K9 Kitchen – An endeavour to provide your furry babies with delicious, nutrition filled meals at reasonable costs. From full fledged meals, to cookies and cakes, they have it all!
All the dishes are cooked in a clean and hygienic home kitchen.
Time to treat our little ones with some Pawsome food, order from Pune K9 Kitchen now 🙂
Contact no : +91 87669 51985 ( Aneesh Bhat)

IMG-20200618-WA00163.Licious – is your one-stop fresh meat delivery shop. In here, you get nothing but the freshest meat & seafood, delivered straight to your doorstep. Now you can buy meat online anytime at your convenience.
Indulge in their diverse selection: Chicken, Mutton, Seafood (Fish, Prawns, Crabs), Marinades & Cold Cuts. All their products are completely natural and healthy.
Contact No : +18004190786

IMG-20200618-WA00144. Solanki Book Store – has been selling books for the past two decades. Located in camp, this small book shop offers books from every genre. From fictional to non fictional, self help to management, children books to poetry and literature, they have it all!
Mr Solanki is now delivering books all across Pune, at your doorstep! Minimum order for three books. You can whatsapp him the list of books you’d want to purchase, on the number mentioned below. And voila! Your books will reach you in no time! Kudos to Mr Solanki for his excellent service.
Contact No : 9422515882

IMG-20200618-WA00155. Happy Momos – In this lockdown, if there’s something we miss the most, it has to be MOMOS! The lockdown has made the cravings worse, but guess what?” Happy momos ” is here to fulfill your long awaited cravings by offering hot steamy, home made momos with an extra spicy chutney to go with. Are we drooling already? Hepciba di, who is always welcoming us with a big smile at The High Spirits is now taking orders from home!
Comtact No : 8806848394 ( Hepciba didi)

IMG-20200618-WA00176. Sash Veggies and more, brings to you safely home delivered and hand picked vegetables.
Place an order for your favourite fruits and vegetables and they shall have them delivered to you safely and hygienically at your society gate.
Please Note : Minimum 5 orders a society.
Incase of a single order above Rs.400, delivery can be made or delivery charge applies. Connect on the number mentioned below, to receive the menu along with its price list. Shopping made easy, with Sash veggies.
Contact No : 9096420009. ( Shivangi Mandody)

It’s time to sit back and make the most of these services, now made available to us! happy ordering!

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