Our Favourite Eateries are Now Delivering!

Ring up for some authentic food at your doorstep.

Are we tired of cooking all day everyday and eating the usual ghar ka khaana? Craving for some comfort food? Here’s some good news for you!!!!!

Our favourite eateries are now open for home deliveries! Have a look at it:


1. Fat Cat’s cafe :

The absolute go to option if you’re in search of comfort food, food that would touch your soul and make you smile from within!
From healthy breakfast options to a variety of fancy desserts, they have it all 🤤🤤🤤
Fat Cat’s is now delivering and it would be a sin if you don’t try them out! 🤤



2. Onesta:
All dishes made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, Onesta sets the standard high!
Their freshly baked pizzas are hard to beat! 🤤🤤
Dishes so delicious and absolute value for money! Try it now, and thanks us later 😉




3. Arthur’s theme:
A delicious variety of continental cuisine, along with European and Italian cuisines with a modern touch.
A soul satisfying experience at the comforts of your home🤤🤤🤤🤤




4. Biryani by Kilo:
Delivering the authentic taste of Hyderabadi and Lucknowi biryani prepared in individual earthen handis, with the freshest ingredients 🤤🤤
Biryani, kebabs, korma and Phirni, they’ve aced it all!!
What are you waiting for? Beat the midweek blues, with their authentic specialities now!


5. Steak house:
A delivery kitchen in Wadgaon Sheri, delivering the YUMMIEST and the healthiest steaks in town! A meal so fulfilling and satisfying!
You’d not want to miss out on this one! 🤤🤤🤤




6. Pune Bowl Company:
A bowl for every taste, food for every moood! 🤤
Craving for ghar ka Khaana? Pune Bowl Company is here to serve you!
From chilli chicken to Rajma chawal, they’ve got it all!
Get ordering now!!!
Put an end to your long due cravings!!! Time to sit back in your PJ’S, watching your favourite show on Netflix, while you treat yourself with some flavoursome dishes! Afterall, good food equals to good mood!

Happy ordering!

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