Breweries at your doorsteps

Who says wishes don’t come true? Folks, we have some happy news brewing for you! The Maharashtra Government has finally permitted the microbreweries to sell craft beer in take away bottles! It’s never to late!! Here are a few Breweries that will now deliver craft beer at your door step :



Great State Aleworks :

A Pune based craft brewery which focuses on modern and experimental ales using local ingredients, with an emphasis on juicy IPA’S, tangy sours and millet ales.
You are in for an absolute treat! Great State Aleworks is now delivering!




Kimaya Brewing Company :
Craft brew made out of, quality handpicked ingredients. “Kimaya” or divine magic is the exact feeling that flows with every sip of their beers!
They are now delivering their magical brews at your doorstep!!




Independence Brewing Company :
The brewery that offers a variety of craft beers accross numerous global brew styles. If you are someone who is indecisive, you will definitely have trouble picking your favourite craft beeer!
Folks! it’s BEER – O – CLOCK!




Toit :
Is it raining beer? Oh yes!!! Toit has opened it taps, and is now delivering its delicious beer!
Beat the midweek blues, and treat yourself with some craft beer, to help you get through your otherwise mundane week! Toit to the rescue!




Effingut :
Are you ready to fall in love? love at “first sip”!
You are in for some legendary beers! Effingut offers a variety of craft beers ranging from different orgins, styles and flavours!





Moonshine Meadery:
India’s first meadery based out of Pune. Moonshine creates different kinds of handcrafted, gluten-free meads using natural honey, fruits and spices!
Tons of exciting flavours waiting for you! An experience like never before! Look no further! grab your pints now!

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