Time to pop some tags but only got $20 in your pocket? #getthrifting

In an age when cheap clothes and fast fashion have led to a throwaway mentality, when things go out of style before you even knew they were in, secondhand shopping is a shining beacon of light.

It’s time we take responsibility for our actions. Shop with purpose. Thrifting is gentler on the environment by reducing pollution and waste. Not only does it have a positive impact on the environment, it also helps you unleash your creativity. Thrift stores are chock full of treasures that are good for the environment and great for your aesthetic. 

Here are six virtual thrift stores, that you must check out:

Bombay Closet Cleanse – A pop up shop, selling pre – loved vintage gems from closets around the world! You can buy vintage pieces or sell and donate your pre loved clothing on their Instagram handle. Good news for all the men out there who feel thrift shops might not have enough options for them. Bombay Closet Cleanse has started a thrift store exclusively for men! Check it out : https://instagram.com/bombayclosetcleanse?igshid=6l98ncetqx2n

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Paradime Thrift – Your one stop store for pocket friendly, upcycled, vintage and pop culture inspired clothings for men and women. They ship all over India! Time to add some vintage items to your closet. Visit : https://instagram.com/paradimethrift?igshid=1bakvqh7yn2ji

Lust for Thrift – Chic, contemporary and elegant option for all the fashionistas out there! They provide vintage pieces that you never knew you needed! Time to revamp that wardrobe with Lust for thrift :

Thriftology – Helping consumers Chuck fast fashion and promoting sustainable fashion by offering an array of thrifted and vintage apparels. Widening the market by shipping all over India : https://instagram.com/thriftology.in?igshid=1ekadnh03wrj2

Back on Rack – Offering a variety of fashionable, stylish and pre loved clothing options for both the sexes. You can buy and sell your clothes on : https://instagram.com/backonrack.india?igshid=1w4dq2dsvui6i

Ray’s Thriftstore – With the motto of making affordable fashion accessible to all, Ray’s thriftstore produces upcycled and handmade clothes and accessories. Time to shop with a purpose : https://instagram.com/ray_thriftstore?igshid=1a4h9lxwv0avk

Never fear, your local thrift store is here! By purchasing a gently used item, you’re helping to keep things in circulation that would have gone into a landfill. Thrifting is the ultimate way to live out the slogan, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”

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