PNL Recommends 8 Treks in Pune that will excite the adventure buffs

To all the adventure buffs out there who like to indulge in challenging activities like trekking as it is the perfect way to feel closer to mother nature. We have some exciting treking routes for you!

Monsoons is the ideal season for trekking as the weather is comfortable, landscapes look even more attractive with the presence of mountains, hills, meadows and dense forests. Pune has several numbers of trekking destinations where easy as well as difficulty trekking spots are found. There, you can enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings. Check out below places to trek near Pune to spend a perfect weekend

  1. Rajmachi Trek :

A fort adjoining a historic trade route, Rajmachi (2,710ft) is one of the most exciting and enduring trekking trails around Pune. An 18km trail one way is nothing short of adventure with ancient Buddhist caves, waterfalls, lush greenery, temples, fort ruins that make this place a sought after trekking destination. This place is one of the best forts near Pune for trekking with friends.
Distance from Pune: 75km

Starting Point: Udhewadi is the base of Rajmachi trek and the activity can be started from Tungarli near Lonavala or Kondivade Village near Karjat.

Difficulty Level: Very easy

Trek Length: 4-5hrs

Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

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  1. Lohgad Trek:

This is one of the most scenic and picturesque treks around Pune and one of the beautiful forts near Pune for trekking. The hike to the fort is a rage for its ease, accessibility, and excellent surroundings dotted natural beauty throughout. Lohgad is a picture-perfect option if considering the very first attempt with trekking. This is recommended as a monsoon trek.

Distance from Pune: 70km

Starting Point: Malawi Railway Station, Lohagadwadi Village

Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: 2½ hrs

Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

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3. Raigad Trek:

Raigad fortress is now an excellent trekking place in Pune. Located 2,700ftabove sea in the Sahyadri Ranges, the trek to the fort ruins makes for an endearing experience. There are various activities to do in Pune that you will love to do once you visit this place. A moderate climb especially for beginners, the trail is of interesting twists and intriguing turns. With a breath-taking view of the mountainous landscape, it is best covered during monsoons when the vistas exude the brilliance of nature.

Starting Point: NH17 and NH4 routes from Pune lead to Raigad

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trek Length: 1 ½ hrs (base to top)

Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

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  1. Sinhagad Trek :

A favourite destination for trekking in Pune, Sinhagad (lion fort, 4,400ft) is a fascinating fort engulfed in several stories from the regal rule of Shivaji Maharaj. An easy trek with an option to drive up as well, once atop the fort the scenic view is extremely attractive. There are various places to visit near Pune but this place is unique in its own way.

Distance from Pune: 50km

Starting Point: Katraj Ghat (most preferred route)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: 2hrs (base to top)

Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

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  1. Korigad Fort Trek :

Korigad Fort (3,050ft) is a beautiful hill fort around Pune, near the hill town of Lonavala. The strong fortification embracing the surrounding beautiful valleys coupled with a fairly simple hike makes this an ideal trekking places near Pune for beginners.

Distance from Pune: 80km

Starting Point: Peth Shahpur Village

Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: 1hrs

Best Season: All year round (best to avoid during monsoon)

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  1. Kalsubai Trek :

You can trek to the highest point in the entire Indian state of Maharashtra when you choose to trek up to the Kalsubai Peak. Sitting at an elevation of 5400 feet, the summit offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Western Ghats. You can begin your trek from the base village of Bari, where an ancient Hanuman temple acts as the starting point and it is one of the best places for trekking near Pune.

Distance from Pune: 176km

Starting Point: Bari Village

Difficulty Level: Easy

Trek Length: 3-4hrs

Best Season: Winter

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  1. Torna Fort Trek :

There are many trekking spots near Pune. If one wants to experience trekkingTorna is the tallest fort in Pune. Also known as Prachandagad due to its massive size, it offers a beautiful sight all along the trail. The narrow trails from Velhe Village pass through endless beds of wildflowers and seamless greenery making it one of the very famous for trekking in Pune and also delightful treks for any nature lover.

Distance from Pune: 60km

Starting Point: Velhe Village

Difficulty Level: Medium difficulty

Trek Length: 3½ hrs (base to top)

Best Season: All year (monsoon preferred)

  1. Raireshwar Trek :

Raireshwar is a hill fort of historical importance that is located towards the south west of Pune near Bhor. This is a beautiful place to visit during the monsoon or the winter season. The views from the fort are just breath taking. Ideal place for a one day trek and can also be made a two day trek if you plan to visit Rohida and Kenjalgad.

Distance From Pune : 90kms

Difficulty Level : Easy

Trek Length : One hour

Its time to get into that athletic wear and enjoy the weekend in the woods, or on top of a mountain hill!

Say goodbye to lazy weekends!

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