Mystifly implements OKR philosophy with

Mystifly, the Global Leader in Airline Retailing has partnered with to implement the OKR Software to ensure clarity, alignment, and engagement across different departments to focus on the common goals set by the company. Mystifly has instrumented framework in August 2020 and this has helped to bring transparency and leverage better communication across different teams to maintain a proper workflow.

We had tried every trick in the game, but somewhere the element which binds every department and teams working together was missing. Then we came across the platform, a user-friendly platform that helps employees to monitor their progress and tasks assigned to other departments. Users can evaluate themselves if their work is contributing towards the progress of other departments and the overall growth of the company.  as a bottleneck for the entire organization to grow.” said Mr. Pawan Kesarwani, Chief Finance Officer, Mystifly.

Mr. Kesarwani also shared that – The implementation of OKR software has transformed our outlook towards the work execution. it is not only convenient to evaluate the work and track the progress, but also helpful in prioritizing tasks based on the OKR discussions. Organizing regular weekly and leadership calls has enabled all the teams and departments to identify and mitigate the bottlenecks in prior.”

“The biggest problem that I have noticed in this assignment and my other assignment as well, that people don’t talk often. I have seen departments traveling by themselves with the problems rather than talking it out in open and discussing things in detail. So, OKR is a good concept which prompts people to start a conversation. If it prompts people to talk, it clearly demonstrates where the problem is lying, and it gives the top management of visibility of the weakest link in the entire process. So, they can identify and then they can implement the mitigation measures. That is something which I have found to be phenomenal,” he added.

“Based on my conversation with our customer success team, I think our rollout was pretty smooth. And that is probably also because I think the entire organization was quite well aligned. And the internal communications really worked well. So, there was no issue of no poor communication or a breakdown of communication, that was not something which we saw in this implementation,” said Mr Senthil Rajagopalan, President,

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