DPhi – A luxury at-home nail service launches in Pune.

DPhi, a passion curated brand by Arzoo Alamin, resonates with PHI- the golden ratio 1.618, which signifies unity, infinity- nothingness and everything, pure beauty.

What sets D’PHI apart is that they are the country’s first luxurious at-home service provider, that provides one-of-a-kind nail art, designs, and colours that make one feel confident and beautiful. The team consists of well-trained and skilled technicians who have undergone technical and soft skill training with hands-on experience and are well versed with the anatomy of the nails along with the complete process of a gel manicure. The artists ensure to follow safety and sanitation rules while visiting the clients with their complete sanitized kit at their convenient place and time along with on-tab entertainment including Netflix, Spotify, and others for our clients to relax and enjoy the services or spend time with their children or at work.

DPhi- also colloquially sounds like “Defy” meaning to dare and to do things in an unusual and extraordinary way that represents the spirit within the women of today, that empowers us to multi-task profession and personal lives with elan and elegance, all this while remaining beautiful inside out. With a vision to cartel the golden ratio in an extraordinary and defying manner, the brand provides luxurious and professional at-home services to stand by its motto “Beauty will save the world”.

The founder of DPhi, Ms. Arzoo Alamin states “Luxury, comfort, beauty, and art are the words that best define DPhi’s vision. This project is curated to be a blend of divine proportion with out-of-the-box colors, designs, and unmatched nails service. I have always believed that nails are a form of expression and elegance. An accessory more powerful than any other, nails are an extremely important part of hygiene where well designed and shaped nails make a statement wherever you go- this statement can be changed depending on the mood, or trend.  However, in India, nails never got as much attention as they deserve. Traditional dingy and dozen-by-the-dime nail salons made me realize that today’s progressive women like to pamper themselves comfortably and at ease. Hence what better than your own home or workplace!”

DPhi provides the following services for fingernails and toenails:

●          Nail extensions

●         Nail Gel Polish

●          Trendy Nail Art including Ombre, Chrome, Marble Art, etc

●          Nail Overlay

●          Refill

DPhi has its own custom website at http://www.Dphi.in with a real-time scheduler where clients can select their preferred slots and can book their appointments directly and hassle-free. They also have membership programs for their clientele who chose to have multiple treatments that can span over 6 months to a year.

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