Pooja Dhingra’s ‘Coming Home’ debuts at The Westin, Pune.

An interactive book signing event by Celebrity Chef Pooja Dhingra for her new book, Coming Home, was hosted by The Westin at Koregaon Park. Pune being her first stop in her book signing tour, Ms. Dhingra not only interacted with all the attendees but also had a fun session where she demonstrated a recipe from her new book. The event also had a pop up of with some of her best-selling products from her renowned Patisserie, Le 15.

Here is a snippet from the interview with Ms. Dhingra:

1- Pune is your first stop in your book signing tour. How excited are you and what are you looking forward to?

I am very excited for the book signing tour as I haven’t done this in a long time. I will be getting a chance to meet so many new people and interact with them as well. Especially after what a roller coaster year it has been, this book signing tour will be an experience to cherish. I am also looking forward to people coming in and trying my goodies.

2- Why did you choose Westin for your pop up in Pune?

I have been to Westin, Pune several times. I love the property! The experience here is always great and it makes me so happy to be here.

3- How is your book, coming home different from your previous ones?

All my other books have been very specific topics, but this one is more personal. It’s about my journey, life through the pandemic. This book will allow people to get to know me a little better and know more than just a chef.

4- You wrote your new book during the lockdown. What is it that you felt or resonated with that made you write this book?

At first, I felt very lonely, very isolated. But then I also felt very connected to baking. And a lot of people went through similar emotions and I think a lot of people found happiness in baking during the lockdown. Also when you run a business for so long, you lose touch with your passion, which makes you ponder upon the thought that am I still doing this because I love it or am I doing it because it’s my job? It was very important for me to get my thoughts straight. And writing this book helped me connect back to my passion and love for baking

5- Punekars have always been waiting for something Le 15. So does this mean we can expect something soon in the city?

Le 15 has started online deliveries and we can deliver all over India. But having a store in Pune is definitely in the pipeline and we would love to have an outlet soon in the city in the next two years.

6- Have you experienced the Pune Nightlife before? Before the pandemic, I was a frequent visitor to Pune. Have attended many events here such the NH7 Weekender. We used to even have Le 15 stalls at many such events. I have a lot of friends living in the city, so would visit them often. And I love the city, I love the food, I love everything about Pune.

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