antiSOCIAL Pune to take the city’s nightlife action a notch higher with its live gigs, performances and more

Pune, December 2021: Whether it is the biggest performers and musicians in India or global superstars, performing at antiSOCIAL is a badge of honour. After establishing antiSOCIAL as a state-of-the-art performance venue in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, Impresario Handmade Restaurants now takes the venue as part of its expansion plans to the buzzing heart of Pune at FC Road which opens its doors to the public from 8pm onwards on 24th December 2021.

The state-of-the-art performance venue has always been a space that fosters independent communities and subcultures, and is a haven for like-minded people to congregate, communicate, and collaborate. antiSOCIAL is opening its doors this weekend with an antiSHOWCASE by some of the leading artists in the country. Expect sold-out shows for JD (Gully Gang), DJ Yung Maddy, Rocky Gorkhali & Milo on opening night (24th December), apart from killer DJ sets by Zokhuma, Mogasu x Baawra (25th December), followed by live sets by Dotdat & Kollision (26th December 2021).

The venue has put in place heightened safety and hygiene practices to ensure that guests have a safe experience inside. An integral part of India’s nightlife conversation, antiSOCIAL is known for showcasing the best in music and contemporary culture that India and the world have to offer. During the day, it serves as an all-day cafe and restaurant, and morphs into a high-octane community space and performance venue post sundown. antiSOCIAL is a second home for creative communities of all shapes, sizes, and interests.

Speaking of the launch, Mayank Bhatt, Business Head, SOCIAL says, “antiSOCIAL always puts a premium on bringing creative communities together. And as allies of the Indian indie music industry, it was natural for us to take our state-of-the-art performance venue to the thriving city of Pune after establishing a niche in Mumbai. The idea of antiSOCIAL is to match the best warehouse parties around the world in terms of state-of-the-art systems. Staying true to our ethos of creating collaborative experiences, our team has worked with some phenomenal companies to produce a superlative audio-visual experience. We are excited for Punekars to experience some phenomenal gigs at antiSOCIAL Pune.”

With an aim to showcase the best in music and contemporary culture that India and the world have to offer, antiSOCIAL Pune will touch upon all genres of music such as sufi, classical fusion, blues, rock and Indie and not just electronic. What makes it stand out is the focus on and support for the communities that keep all kinds of cultures and subcultures alive.

During the day the venue will serve as a functioning restaurant and workspace. antiSOCIAL will be a home for creative communities who can use this space as their office, create content, or just come hang out.

Impresario Handmade Restaurants intends to take it to Bangalore followed by Hyderabad and Kolkata. This will enable the brand to bring contemporary Indian culture to a nationwide audience.

Operational Hours:

Address: Unit No. 102, Mezzanine, Fergusson College Rd, above FC Road Social, Pune, Maharashtra 411005


Impresario Handmade Restaurants was founded in 2001 with its maiden venture Mocha – Coffees & Conversations. Today, Impresario boasts a network of 60 restaurants across 16 Indian cities and multiple brands. Its umbrella of brands includes SOCIAL, antiSOCIAL, Smoke House Deli, Goodness to Go, Salt Water Café, Ishaara, Slink & Bardot, Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît, Prithvi Cafe, and Mocha. The company’s core strength lies in understanding the changing dining out habits of young India and delivering quality experiences tailored to delight its patrons.

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