5 Places in Pune to Chug on a Budget

Pune is a lot about fantastic music, traveling about town on scooters, a variety of food, and numerous venues to just hang out for the coming-of-age youth. It boasts a plethora of pubs, resto-bars, and cafés where you can have a great time with all of your friends. All this excitement without blowing a hole in your wallet is a blessing. Feel free to let your hair down, guzzle your guts, but don’t burn a hole in your wallet!

For your budget-friendly drinking nights, we at Pune Nightlife have created a list of the top 5 budget bars in town below:

  • High Spirits

Where: 35A, 1, N Main Rd, next to The Westin, Koregaon Park Annexe, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

High Spirits Cafe is the place to go for folks who understand the value of saving money while yet enjoying a drink to unwind after a long day. Located in the heart of the city in Koregaon Park, High Spirits has the best offers along with a great vibe throughout the week. The venue is large, with indoor and outdoor seating, and it offers low-cost drinks, great food for all tastes, as well as interesting performances and events. An average meal for two is approximately about 1,300/- Rupees. You can always avail of their offer such as 1+1 on Mondays, drinks starting at price as cheap as 70/- rupees and a lot more!

  • Swig Bar and Eatery

Where: Prems, N Main Rd, opposite SBI Training Centre, Ragvilas Society, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Swig Bar & Eatery in Pune offers one-on-one service throughout the week. They’ve recently opened in Balewadi as well, and they’ve managed to keep the same vibes as their previous locations. Along with fantastic savings, this restaurant serves delicious food, like Kerala fried chicken, which is a must-try. While a meal for two costs INR 1,800, you can always reap the benefits of their 1+1 deal on drinks and happy hours.

  • Hidden Place

Where: Tulsi Das Apartment, N Main Rd, Ragvilas Society, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Hidden Place is one of Pune’s oldest bars, and it’s where all the exciting stuff unfolds. A terrific feel-good barman’s pitcher and a variety of excellent cocktails are available at the bar. This is the spot to go if you enjoy rock music. You must sample their barman’s pitcher, a beer-based drink, in addition to their inexpensive beer. If cocktails aren’t your thing, Hidden Place also serves delicious meals. Lunch for two will set you back INR 1,000 on average.

  • Slay City

Where: Sai Apex, 4th Floor, Sakore Nagar, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

The newly opened Rooftop Spot has gained popularity in a very short time. Needless to say the reason behind it was the unbelievably low prices for the drink. From shots starting at the skimpy price of 49/- rupees to getting a whole pitcher at 399/- makes it a favourite among youngsters. It even shares opportunities to small businesses by putting up stalls at the lively place. A meal for two will cost you 1,200/- rupees on an average.

  • Hoppipola

Where: Ground floor Barons Club, North Ave, opposite Jogger’s Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Hoppipola is another place in Pune that offers the best of everything. From drinks starting at 99/- rupees to crazy fun events and gigs, Hoppipola does it all. The food served here is a blessing for the tastebuds and does not burn a whole in the pockets. On average a meal for two can cost around 1,600/- rupees but one can always take advantage of the happy ours. The question is not whether to drink or not to drink. The question is who will pay and how much will they pay. If that’s been a point of dispute between you and your pals, we hope going to one of these establishments where beverages are served for the lowest prices helps you.

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