Top 5 Places in NIBM to Fix Yourself a Cup of Coffee

NIBM has become a hotspot in Pune. With the new and upcoming restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. Millennials and GenZ keep the area vivacious and high-spirited. Along with great eateries, the area is home to some of the mo1st amazing cafes to spend your chilly winter evenings and sip on a nice cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for coffee fix, here are our top five recommendations:

  1. Bliss Bakery and Café

Bliss Bakery and Café is one of the oldest cafés in NIBM. It is safe to say that it comes under the category of old is gold. They have a limited menu that serves frothy coffees and delicious comfort food. It has to be one of the most casual hangout places in NIBM. With ample indoor seating, the café also offers an open-air area making it a perfect choice for hanging out with your peers. 

2. Coffee Jar

It would be difficult to compile a list of coffee shops in NIBM without adding Coffee Jar. This Coffee adda is filled with a robust mixture of people from all walks of life. With more than 7 outlets in Pune undoubtedly it serves the most delectable choices of coffees, teas, sweet treats, sandwiches, and a lot more. The service and the friendly vibe of the café make it an ideal spot to spend your evenings.

3. Beer and Beans

Beer and Beans is literally what you call the best of both worlds. It has a vast menu of delicious beverages and food at attractive prices. The beer cocktails and the flavourful coffees, along with delectable sides make it a must-visit option. The café also offers options of board games to keep the visits interesting and joyous throughout. The ambiance of the café is very pleasing and provides both indoor and outdoor seating.

4. Café Peter

Café Peter along with its coffee serves an array of dishes. It has a vast menu that is very diverse and offers cuisines from all around the world. For instance, the Korean and Japanese dishes bring about a storm of flavors in your mouth and leave you coming back for more. The spacious and vibrant ambiance makes it an ideal spot to go out for a brunch with your loved ones or even a cute date in the evening with your special someone. 

5. Chai – The Way You Like It

With comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, Chai is one of the most ideal spots to have a gala time with your friends. It has become one of the favorite coffee junctions among youngsters. The Café is pet-friendly and pocket-friendly. The food and beverages give you a lot of tasty options to choose from. We’ve mapped out the greatest eateries in Pune that will appeal to you in every way, whether you’re seeking a dessert spot to savor fluffy and delectable cakes or the perfect setting to unwind over a cup of your daily brew in NIBM. Pune is a city where one may indulge in a gourmet adventure with a wide range of cuisines available in the city’s eateries. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll know where to obtain your caffeine fix as well as a delectable breakfast or any other meal you might desire.

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