Style up your nails with DPHI

Pune, February 2022: Add a certain touch of glamour that jewelry & makeup just can’t compete with. It’s the right time to gift your loved one something special, a luxurious nail service at the comfort of your home with a voucher from DPHI.

DPhi, a passion curated brand by Arzoo Alamin, resonates with PHI- the golden ratio 1.618, which signifies unity, infinity- nothingness and everything. pure beauty. What sets D’PHI apart is that they are the country’s first luxurious at-home service provider, that provides one-of-a-kind nail art, designs, and colours that make one feel confident and beautiful. The team consists of well-trained and skilled technicians who have undergone technical and soft skill training with hands-on experience and are well versed with the anatomy of the nails along with the complete process of a gel manicure.  

For enquiries, contact: +91 80023 73737

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