Celebrating Fine Food, Art, and the Aesthetic At VHC

Celebrating a year of fine food, great art, and a space for culture and conversation, VHC,
Vida Heydari Contemporary, an art gallery and restaurant in Koregaon Park hosted an
anniversary party on Thursday, March 3rd.
Vida Heydari and Minoti Makim hosted a fun party with people of all ages and interests. Live
music followed by music from Vida’s playlists kept guests grooving and enjoying the
beautiful vibe and the lovely ambiance. The lighting was a perfect setting along with the
ample foliage for beautiful memories. VHC brought together Pune’s old friends and new
ones, with a selection of appetizers and a free-flowing bar. Vida’s attention to detail was
evident in the elegant décor, special bartenders, and the entire setup and experience.
The city was delighted to enjoy a celebration after a two-year pandemic pause, as VHC
welcomed over three hundred guests, who appreciated the art, indulged in warm
conversations, and felt energised and connected. Guests included Arti & Atul Kirloskar, Dr.
Sattyajeet Naik, Dr. Parag Sancheti, Badal Saboo, M Pravat, Vaishali Oak, and Raju Sutar,
MoushmiSanas. The eclectic groups of people synergised and enjoyed the high-energy vibe
and conversations. People enjoyed being out and about after the two-year hiatus at a
beautiful event in a magical setting with amazing food, drinks, and service. The food was
appetizers but beautifully plated including VHC favorites such as Chicken Crostini, Stuffed
Mushrooms, Pork Belly, Flatbreads, and petit four Tiramisu.

The art gallery also surprised patrons and guests with an Anniversary Exhibit, a group show
entitled ‘One’, with artworks by M. Pravat, Vaishali Oak & Vivek Vilasini. The Exhibition will
be up until 7 April, walking us through Oak’s Fabric Assemblages, Pravat’s mixed media
works, inspired by architecture, and Vilasini’s photographic explorations. Guests were
guided through the artworks. Young artists like Jayesh Sachdev, veteran artists like Vaishali
Oak and Raju Sutar, and aspiring artists all enjoyed the show along with the other guests
and patrons.
Vida Heydari said, “ This was a much-needed event, a renewal of sorts as spring and
summer approach, it heralds a sense of freedom and new beginnings, for us and for
everyone who came. It was a celebration of our one-year anniversary at VHC but also of life
and the simplest of joys that is human connection. All our guests showered us with so much
love, with flowers, gifts, and above all their presence and words of gratitude. It was an
honour to host everyone and see the joy and happiness of people being able to freely
interact and enjoy a night out.” The crowd appreciated the freedom of this social
engagement too. Dressed in beautiful outfits, the artists and guests enjoyed the evening to
the fullest.

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