Brave Cave makes their Pune debut by taking over the stage at antiSOCIAL this Sunday, 20th March

Witness the country’s leading musicians showcasing the finest beats. For the very first time antiSOCIAL, Pune brings to you “Cave Culture Vol.2”. Be ready for Brave Cave to make their Pune debut at antiSOCIAL on this Sunday 20th March. Cave Culture Vol.2 in association with Maaya Sound is ready to highlight your night with the most iconic music coming out of the country.

Kickstarting the night with an impressive lineup that features Perp, Papabear and Niida who will keep you asking for more!

Don’t miss out on the unforgettable night with BraveeCave making their debut at antiSOCIAL, Pune

Date: 20th March, 2022

Venue: antiSOCIAL, Pune.

Time: 7pm onwards

Entry Fee: 299-399



Perp is the moniker of Urmila Sivadas, a vocalist/ songwriter based out of Bombay. Hailing from a South Indian Family, music came early into her life as she started learning Carnatic music at the age of 4. Her foray into Western music began in the form of Pop, Blues, Rock & Roll, and Grunge.


Papabear aka Samarth Bahl is a singer, songwriter and producer from Mumbai, India. He processes his feelings and life through his songs. His live performances are meant to feel like a hug with sounds from varied palettes such as hip-hop, alt pop and lofi music.


Nida Siddiqui is a singer- songwriter from Pune. She started her journey with music purely as an avid listener with no genre constraints. With inspirations ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Emily King, Nida, as an artist, hopes to introduce her listeners to the subtleties of various genres while “keeping it simple”.

Nida Siddiqui

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