Sorbet Sangrias at one8 Commune!

Sangria can trace its roots back to Greeks and Romans who added all kinds of sugar, spices, and fruits to their wine. Well thanks to them, that was ancient history, this is a sip of a modern twist and there is certainly no going back! 

one8 Commune brings a childhood favourite and a grown-up’s classic choice together as Sorbet Sangria- a unique combination of signature wines poured over fruity sorbets with a hint of luscious infusions and flavours curated by our brand mixologist Neeraj Sharma. 

With the season getting hot and hotter, brace up to quench your thirst on four types of tasty Sorbet Sangrias.

– Sunburst, a sweet and citrusy combination of kiwi sorbet with the infusion of lavender and elderflower in the classic Chenin Blac. 
– Green Sunset, a signature Sauvignon blanc infused with the flavours of passion fruit and kaffir lime poured over fruity green apple sorbet. 
– Berry Boss, serving Shiraz with the blast of berry flavoured sorbet and a hint of cool watermelon. 
– Mango Sizzle, a blend of chili mango sorbet with the flavours of fresh rose petals and peach brewed in the classic Cabernet shiraz. 

Drop in and try these tasty fruity, frozen Sorbet Sangrias!

Price: Rs 595 ++ (per glass-150ml)
2895 ++ (5 glasses-750 ml)

Date: 1st April onwards
Venue: one8 Commune,
Raja Bahadur Mills
For enquiries, call: 8007400018, 8001800018

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