Allora | Post-Event Release and Images

Allora is a filler word in the Italian language, but to us, it is about uninhibited conversations in
their raw splendour and candour. Keeping that as the basis, we have created a cosy family-run
bistro spread over 3500 square feet on the third floor of Phoenix Marketcity Pune.
On the 24th of June, we celebrated Allora with a fun evening of cocktails, music, a spread of
spaghetti, gnocchi, and pizzas hosted by Minoti Makim.
The dining area with ambient lighting and contemporary and old-school interiors played host to
an evening of beautiful tunes by saxophonist- Elisabeth.
Socialites, expats, influencers, and foodies were all intrigued by the hydroponic herb garden
picking on fresh basil, thyme, oregano, and other herbs to drizzle on their plates.
Some of the guests who attended the event were Chandrayee Borawake, Vasundhara Ruia, Jasni
& Kiranjit Singh, Sharon & Ian Saldanha, Riaz Lawyer, Sangeeta & Sanjiv Kadam, Vidhya Tiwari,
Garima Biyani, Prateek Chauhan, Luca & Isadora Bottazzi, Carlo & Enrica, Afsoon, Pier Giuseppe
Satta, Marco Pilia.

Mr. Arun Arora, Minoti Makim, and Mr. Prashant Issar.
Sheel Kharbanda, Yukti Arora, Mabel Kynta, Hiral Rani, Anjali Kailat, Angad Menon.
Isha Shah, Vidit Thakkar, Rakshay Thakkar, Saiesha Thadani, Tanishq Athwani.
Akshe Kaul & Neha Batra.
Sahar Rajabi, Kamil Calcetto, Afsoon.

Chef Abhay Singh.
Anjana Mascarenhas & Vidhya Tiwari.
Chahat Dalal, Abhishek Kulkarni, Atul Kore, Rashmi Dalal.
Jasni & Kiranjit Singh.
Pier Giuseppe Satta, Afsoon, Carlo and Enrica, Isadora Bottazzi & Luca, Marco Pilia.
Peeku & Shirley Punjabi, Diva & Naresh Budhrani.
Prateek Chauhan, Preksha Chauhan, Minoti Makim, Garima Biyani.
Nikita Shrotri & Aditya Ubgade.

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