FC Road SOCIAL, Pune is all set to welcome Punekars for Deluxe Thali this Sunday

Homegrown and local brands are gaining popularity and attention in recent times, and the Deluxe Thali event at FC Road SOCIAL is set to showcase some of the hottest upcoming brands and artists from around the country. The event, which will take place on Sunday, December 11th, will feature brands such as AD Astra, Baaboye, and Bored Game Company, among others.

Deluxe Thali is a pop-up shop and marketplace that curates a variety of creators and brings them all under one roof. Since its inception, the thali has hosted over 300 brands and artists, offering a fresh and exciting selection of goods and services. The event at FC Road SOCIAL promises to be a day filled with shopping, games, and a variety of other exciting activities.

FC Road SOCIAL is a unique urban hangout that offers a café serving great food, coffee, and cocktails, as well as a high-energy bar when work hours end. Each outpost is designed to reflect the neighbourhood it is located in, offering a second home, workplace, and hangout all in one place.

The Deluxe Thali event at FC Road SOCIAL is set to take place on Sunday, December 11th, from 1 PM onwards. To learn more about the event and to purchase tickets, visit Insider.in event page at https://insider.in/deluxe-thali-a-homegrown-marketplace-pune-dec11-2022/event.

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