Time to pop some tags but only got $20 in your pocket? #getthrifting

In an age when cheap clothes and fast fashion have led to a throwaway mentality, when things go out of style before you even knew they were in, secondhand shopping is a shining beacon of light. It’s time we take responsibility for our actions. Shop with purpose. Thrifting is gentler on the environment by reducing pollution and waste. Not only does it have a positive impact on the environment, it also helps you unleash your creativity. Thrift stores are chock full of treasures that are good for the environment and great for your aesthetic.  Here are six virtual thrift stores, … Continue reading Time to pop some tags but only got $20 in your pocket? #getthrifting

Breweries at your doorsteps

Who says wishes don’t come true? Folks, we have some happy news brewing for you! The Maharashtra Government has finally permitted the microbreweries to sell craft beer in take away bottles! It’s never to late!! Here are a few Breweries that will now deliver craft beer at your door step :   Great State Aleworks : A Pune based craft brewery which focuses on modern and experimental ales using local ingredients, with an emphasis on juicy IPA’S, tangy sours and millet ales. You are in for an absolute treat! Great State Aleworks is now delivering!     Kimaya Brewing Company … Continue reading Breweries at your doorsteps